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Jewish  Poznań

Raj 1470931840_restaurant

A cross between a Southeast Asian street eatery, grandma’s kitchen and hipster hang-out, their voyage-inspired menu and is printed out on postcards. Those who haven’t managed to get a table can munch away in the back-room cinema, which provides both additional seating and the occasional film screening.

Bierhalle 1470931840_restaurant1471791072_cerveza 

They brew their own 3 different ales, most commonly ordered by the litre, but you can also go gorilla with a 5l barrel. The beer-friendly franchise menu consists of German bratwurst, ribs, pork knuckle, and other meaty feasts with fries, the busty servers in faux-folk costumes look like they’ve just finished milking the cows, and TVs stream sports to complete the lads magnet appeal.

Yetztu 1470931840_restaurant

The best ramen in Poznań and perhaps in all of Poland. Decorated with assorted cutsey Japanese paraphernalia – beckoning cats, anime figurines, worried-looking bake-danuki – they offers rather legitimate takoyaki and several versions of the beloved noodles, including a vegetarian/vegan one. The tiny spot is hugely popular with local hipsters, so reservations are recommended.

Wypas 1470931840_restaurant

Known for heaping plates of “a bit of everything”; choose your adventure from Japanese, Middle Eastern, Mexican, Polish, or Spanish – or perhaps a nice ol’ bowl of ramen or tom kha soup. Bring your eating pants (trousers for you Brits) and wrestle local plant-eaters for seats at this below-ground hole-in-the-wall.

Pijalnia Czekolady E.Wedel Stary Rynek 

This cosy chocolate lounge offers a superb collection of confectionery courtesy of Wedel – Poland’s best- loved brand. Find chocolates, cakes, and pralines of every description, plus rich hot chocolate drinks you can practically stand a spoon up in – all of it every bit as sweet and delightful as it sounds. A perfect place to spoil your sweetheart or reward the kids.

Projekt LAB  1471791072_cerveza coctail

Inspired by the Berlin party scene, this is an experimental space and underground music venue that proved an immense hit as soon as it opened doors in 2013. The music of choice here is dubstep, trap, drum’n’bass, and – naturally – 50 shades of techno, often supplied by international DJs and bands.

Chocolate Museum 

Another sweet temptation under an educational guise: the Chocolate Museum where kids of all ages can learn about cacao tree plantations, the history of chocolate, and chocolate-making techniques while sampling decadent creations. The guided tours last an estimated 40 minutes and can be followed with a 30-minute workshop.


Poznań’s new shopping behemoth swung its doors open in late 2016 in a style so lavish, even Eva Longoria couldn’t keep away. Inspired perhaps by the celebrated Stary Browar shopping complex, which manages to seamlessly blend retail space with creative contemporary art, Posnania collaborates with Pop-up Galerie 208 to integrate unique sculptures and installations into its layout.


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