Poznań No.46

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Birds chirping, beer gardens creeping out, Lake Malta gearing up for another season of water sports and sun – spring is a lovely season to visit Poznań (unless your stay coincides with torrential rain, which Polish spring some- times gushes out). The city is shaking off its winter drab and its many parks beckon; of those, we especially recommend Citadel Park, where you combine a tranquil walk with inhaling a solid dose of history.

Spring and early summer also breathe new excitement into the city’s cultural calendar, with outdoor music festivals like Enea Spring Break, Enter Enea Festival, and Malta Festival. The pan-European Night of Museums, which draws throngs of curious minds each year, will take place on May 20th – take a gander to shop around for museums to visit.

Those swinging by in the first half of April will find preparations for Polish Easter in full swing, complete with an Easter Fair taking over the city’s market square. Land here in the first few days of May, however, and you’ll find the city’s businesses closed as Majówka (May Days) gets underway and Poz’s populace leaves the city for greener pastures.

In short, welcome to our spring issue, happy exploring!

Main Feature: Jewish Poznań

In this issue we’re tracking down the remnants of Poznań’s once vibrant Jewish culture, brutally extinguished during the Holocaust.

Traces of Jewish heritage in Poznań are few and far between, making for a frustrating hunt. What was once a thriving and vibrant community vanished tragically during WWII, leaving only a few ghosts behind.

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