Kraków No.105 (Introducing New Mini-Guides)

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Few cities emerge from their winter hangover as exuberantly as Kraków, where the beer garden unmbrellas are in full bloom, the pigeons are cooing and mounting each other, and temperatures and hemlines are on the rise. Indeed, Kraków has its spring buzz on in a big way, and as the hobos have been returning to their favourite Planty parkbenches, we at IYP have been burning the candle at both ends to bring you another meticulously updated edition of Kraków’s best guidebook.

Never ones to rest on our laurels, sleep for more than 5 hours, or eat meals with our families, for the past two months we’ve been breathlessly putting together our own brand-new, built-from-scratch city maps, which make their debut in this issue. With the new maps come new possibilities, like the inclusion of a custom Nowa Huta map right in the NH section (something we intend to do more of, see p.105).

More importantly, the new maps usher in a new era of IYP miniguides, on which we can not only highlight some of the best places the city has to offer, but actually mark their exact location on the map so you can find them with ease. If you (like a certain American president) struggle to keep your focus or articulate for more than 140 characters (Sad!), then put this dubious tome down and reach for our new miniguide, which has been completely resized to actually fit in your pocket (and your tiny hands) for the first time in our publishing history. And yet, while we recognise the need to expand our product portfolio to meet all special needs and social classes, it’s you – our loyal, long-format readers – that we cherish most of all. As being a guide for people who actually read and recognise good writing becomes more and more of a‘niche market,’we can only hope that there will still be enough of you out there to support this ‘lifestyle and travel guide for the literate’ going forward for another hundred-plus issues. Teach your children well, happy spring, and, as ever, thanks for reading.

Main Feature: Easter in Kraków

As you might suspect, Poland has a whole series of customs and traditions surrounding Easter, which range from pious to playful, to downright pagan. Read more.

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