Warsaw No.98 (Introducing New Mini-Guides)

The new Warsaw In Your Pocket is out. Get the free PDF.

Welcome to the spring edition of Warsaw In Your Pocket! The streets are abuzz as the city reawakens after its brief winter slumber. The city’s many parks and river walks are already a lush green and beckon the first wave of warm weather revelers. The city’s nightlife, cafe culture and foodie scene is also starting to spill out onto the sidewalks, boulevards, squares and riverbanks.

In an effort to help you navigate the many exciting venues the city has to offer, IYP recently launched our new In Your Pocket Mobile App free for download on Android and iOS platforms. You can actually download it in a matter of minutes if you focus your smartphone on the QR code on the cover and fire away. Without bragging too much, it’s a truly great tool that gives you access to tons of diverse content on the go. With the swipe of your finger you can quickly browse through some of the best venues in the city. Stumble upon hidden gems or read more about the creme de la creme such as Atelier Amaro, Poland’s only perennially Michelin starred restaurant. Let us know what you think about the IYP Mobile App on our FB page or just good old-fashioned email: editor_poland@inyourpocket.com.

We’ve been also breathlessly putting together our own brand-new, built-from-scratch city maps, which make their debut in this issue. With the new maps come new possibilities, like the inclusion of a custom Old Town map right in the Sightseeing section (something we intend to do more of).

More importantly, the new maps usher in a new era of IYP miniguides, on which we can not only highlight some of the best places the city has to offer, but actually mark their exact location on the map so you can find them with ease.

Main Feature: Hala Koszyki: Warsaw’s Delicious New Melting Pot

It’s rare that a modern shopping center opens up in Warsaw that doesn’t garner a collective eye-roll from everyone but the property developers themselves. However with the opening, or rather the re-opening of Hala Koszyki, the script has been ipped and everyone and their grandmother are rushing to see and be seen in what could easily be called the trendiest building in all of Poland. IYP takes a closer look inside and out and gives you the lowdown on this gorgeous new architectural addition to Warsaw’s gastronomic, cultural and economic landscape.

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