Łódź no.34

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Welcome to the Spring and early Summer edition of Łódź (ph. pr. woodge) In Your Pocket. The streets are abuzz as the city reawakens after its brief winter slumber. It’s right about now when the city’s cultural calendar starts to kick into high gear and festivals of all shapes and sizes start popping up like daffodils. One of our favorites is Fotofestival which kicks o June 1st. It’s one of the best events of the year and features local, national and international photographers and uses some of the city’s best galleries and industrial architecture as backdrops. Make sure to read more about Fotofestival and other exciting upcoming events and festivals in our Culture and Events section.

The warm weather gives you freedom to explore by foot or by bike. To help you in your wanderings download IYP’s City Essentials Mobile App for free on Android and iOS platforms. Just focus your smartphone on the QR code on the cover and fire away! With the swipe of a finger you can quickly browse through some of the best venues in the city. Stumble upon hidden gems or read more about the creme de la creme! Let us know what you think about the new IYP App on our Facebook page or just good old-fashioned email: editor_poland@inyourpocket.com.

Main Feature: Piotrkowska 217

What really makes Łódź unique is the combination of its post-industrial architecture and a free wheeling artistic spirit. Discover both at the city’s newest gastronomic hotspot Piotrkowska 217.

Photo courtesy of Piotrkowska 217

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