Wrocław No.39 (New Mini-Guides)

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Spring and summer are upon us once again, and with them all the familiar hallmarks of the warm season in Wrocław: beer gardens, river cruises, ‘light, water, and sound’ shows at the multime- dia fountain, sunbathers and picknickers at Wrocław’s numerous islands, and lush greenery bursting forth in the Botanical Garden, Japanese Garden, and the city’s many parks. Now, for the second season in a row, Wro has a new way to beat the heat in the form of Kopalnia, a swimming area and beach zone created in and around a flooded surface mine. And if rainy days roll around? Fret not, there is still plenty to do – with an impressive lineup of museums, cultural events, breweries, and craft beer pubs, everyone is sure to find something for themselves. New additions pop up on the regular; in fact, Wro recently welcomed two newcomers to the museum scene – the Depot History Centre and the Henryk Tomaszewski Museum of Theatre.

Welcome and happy exploring!

Main Feature: Wrocław with the Kids

For little travellers, sightseeing can be a drag - we make it easier by giving you a list of the best kid-friendly attractions and eateries so everyone can enjoy their time in Wrocław. Head to page 8 to find out more.

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