Free Park & Ride set up in Sopot

While one of the beauties of Sopot is its compactness, a downside is that parking at any time of the year can be a challenge. With the large increase in the number of visitors during the summer months, the issue becomes greater so this year the local government has attempted to address the situation with the creation of a free Park & Ride scheme.

Using the parking available at the Ergo Arena to the south of the city, there are now 700 new parking spaces available. To encourage visitors to use the 700-space car park and to try to reduce traffic travelling into the city centre, Sopot City Hall are funding the operation and have also supplied two electric cars to ferry people backwards and forwards between the car park and the city centre.

The 14-seater electric cars, equipped with seat belts and rain covers will run every day in July and most of August between the hours of 10:00 and 20:00 between the Ergo Arena car park and the top of the main pedestrian path on ul. Bohaterow Monte Cassino stopping in the shadow of St. George’s church at Pl. Konstytucji. Tickets cost 3zl for adults and are free for children. They will run at 20 minute intervals.

The hope is that the new car parking will also encourage visitors to the beach to use areas of the beach to the south of the city and reduce over-crowding. There are bars serving food and drink at many of the entrances to the beach so visitors will be well-served.

The service is open from June 26 until August 23 and you can check more at

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