Poznań In Your Pocket no.47


Summer! Like our athletic friends kayaking away on the front cover (that’s Porta Posnania in the background, FYI), we’re determined to make the most of the season, and that entails a lot of time spent chilling at Poznań’s beloved Lake Malta and Lake Rusałka. Before summer relaxation can start, though, we’d like to share that we’ve been busy little bees recently, designing new and improved maps to make your navigation of the city easier. You’ll see these not just at the end of our guide, but also throughout, where we hope they’ll be of use.

Other than lakeside shenanigans, our other seasonal musts include attending the legendary Jarocin Festival and Guitar Academy’s big Guitar Happening, weekend brunching, hanging out at outdoor watering hole KontenerART or the multitude of beer gardens scattered around the old town, and maybe treating ourselves to a fancy meal at Stare Koszary.

So come enjoy the warm season with us! We hope you’ll find lots more inspiration for spending time in Poznań by leafing through our guide. As always, feel free to shoot us any questions or comments at poland@inyourpocket.com. Happy exploring!

Main Feature: Lake Malta

Be it kayaking or water slides or ropes courses, if it relates to outdoor recreation, Lake Malta’s probably got it. Boasting an array of summer and year-round attractions, Malta is a local favourite when it comes to outdoor recreation and relaxation.

New reviews in this issue

Cafe Gołębnik 

‘The Dovecote’ is a cosy nook where you can curl up with a book and some tea on a rainy day or enjoy the outdoor seating if sunny skies prevail. Decorated in unobtrusive shabby-chic style, this cafe always has a selection of tasty treats on hand and even started serving light lunches.

Shake Fiction 

Inspired by one of cinematography’s most famous milkshakes – the $5 creation in Pulp Fiction – their shakes are nowhere near as expensive, but every bit as good. Their recent sinful creation, the baconator, has been taking local meat enthusiasts by storm: yes, this gluttonous concoction contains real pork bacon.


A great breakfast option. Part bistro, part bakery, here you can sip your morning latte and munch on a grilled goat cheese sandwich or smoked salmon bagel while the smell of freshly baked bread wafts over to your window seat.

Maniok 1470931840_restaurant

Sufferers of celiac disease and fad diet enthusiasts rejoice – a restaurant fully dedicated to gluten-free eating has sprung up in Poznań and does such a fine job with the menu that you’d never realise something is missing. They serve up duck breast, stir-fried veggies, Belgian waterzooi and more in a vaguely “ethnic-themed” interior right across from the National Museum.

The Time 1470931840_restaurant

Located in Poznań’s posh Młyńska 12 business centre, it meets the standards of its high-profile guests. Perfect for impressing both business partners and dates, they serve a menu of simple yet high-quality dishes including seafood risotto, duck with gnocchi and red cabbage, and chump of lamb with bulgur wheat.

Kuchnia Wandy1470931840_restaurant

Finally, a Polish restaurant which does not descend into tourist kitsch or need a thorough dusting. Hip and elegant, Wanda’s Kitchen does meat-heavy traditional cuisine justice with gourmet options incluing boar pate with chanterelle mushrooms, roast goose with caramelised root vegetables, and goose pierogi in goat cheese sauce.

Pod Niebieniem1470931840_restaurant

One of the best options on the Old Town Square (generally not the place to dine if you want to retain your street cred), they serve Polish food with a contemporary twist and actually caters to vegans – score. They pride themselves on their beef tartar, sour rye soup, and boar loin. A nice wine list rounds out the offer.

Stare Koszary (Old Barracks)1470931840_restaurant

What was once Prussian barracks, taken over by the Polish light cavalry (the Uhlans) after WWI, has been lovingly refurbished under the watchful eye of the local conservator-restorer, and is now a luxury complex with a five-star hotel, high-end apartments, and gourmet restaurants.

Hola Hola

The current ‘place to be’ on ul. Wrocławska, Hola Hola is swarmed by loud revellers the minute the sun sets on a weekend night. You can’t miss it when walking along Poznań’s party street, and if you like to drink in the centre of action, this might just be for you (if not, consider checking out their less crowded basement).


Very ‘current’ what with the neons, exposed brick, and Pinteresty glassware, Miejscówka might not be the most original, but it does earn our seal of approval, and probably Instagram’s as well. The target group here is the more hipster types, so expect lots of whimsical cocktails and colourful shots.

Dobra i wino1470931840_restaurant

Wine and mozzarella di bufala are the specialties at this upscale establishment, and it’s a superb duo. Located a stone’s throw from the picturesque Lesser Basilica of St. Stanislaus and adjoining Jesuit complex, though unfortunately lacking an interesting view, Dobra i Wino is a nice spot to unwind and treat yourself after a long day of sightseeing.

Wino na Kieliszki (Wine by the Glass)1470931840_restaurant

The city’s first self-serve wine bar, ‘Wine by the Glass’ lets you pour your own vintage from a selection of forty. Just load up a pre-paid card by the bar, order a cheese board or some nice tapas, and enjoy your Dionysiac evening. Recommended.

Squad Whisky

@Stare Koszary. How about a bottle of fine (Polish) whisky? Squad carries a nice selection of domestic and international hard liquor, encompassing not just whisky but also bourbon, brandy, gin, rum, and other drinks for refined folks. Check out their tastings.


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