Warsaw In Your Pocket no.100


Welcome to the summer edition of Warsaw In Your Pocket, and a special one it is too! In 1999, there was hatched a beautiful plan by the IYP team to create a guide for Poland’s capital. Much derided, but equally loved, Warsaw always deserved to have a guide to do it justice. Now, you the reader, hold the 100th issue. The guide has grown, we remain brutally honest, the city has revitalised greatly during the last 100 issues, and indeed, since Communism fell, Poland as a whole has continued to grow culturally, economically and…umm…let’s leave politics aside for now, huh? But hey, Warsaw’s a strange old city, for if you believe in first impressions, then on face value, it perhaps wouldn’t make a good one. But like all good travellers know, never judge a book by its cover. True, there may be an odd mix of old, new and Soviet style buildings glued together like erratic Lego sets, but if you explore Warsaw, you will find a beauty still plentiful, even if the Nazis and Communists made firm efforts to ensure the opposite! If you often use our guides, or are here for the 1st time, thank you and enjoy! Whatever you choose to do during your stay in Warsaw, chill out, have fun and use our guide to enjoy the city during the warmest, and most pleasant time of year.


Photo of the Chopin monument in Łazienki Park.
Taken by IYP Warsaw-based photographer, Mat Fahrenholz.
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Main Feature: Warsaw Then & Now

For 100 issues we have documented Warsaw’s best tourist hotspots, culinary and social scenes. In this edition we take a closer look at the larger changes to have taken place in the city since we started way back in 2001. Read our take on how the winds of change have whirled through the city.

 New review in this issue

Dom Faraona

With a great city centre location just off Nowy Świat (which leads to the Old Town), Dom Faraona (The Pharaoh’s House) is a great Egyptian restaurant providing dishes from the grill, vegetarian and Halal options. On top of that they have variety of flavoured Shisha and a big selection of alcohols in their bar – what’s not to like?!




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