Warsaw: 100 Years Ago! 100 Issues Ago!

All photos ©Park Miniatur. Source: fb.me/parkminiatur


Having explored modern Warsaw using our Warsaw In Your Pocket issue #100, and reading about the changes in our feature on Warsaw: Then & Now, detailing the changes in the city since we began writing about it in 2000, do you now wonder how the city once looked before World War II? Sadly, taking into consideration the scale of wartime destruction, using your imagination to picture Warsaw of 100 years ago can be very difficult indeed!

Thankfully, this is where Warsaw’s very own Park Miniatur (Miniature Park) helps out! See large scale models of pre-war Warsaw splendour, such as the Saxon Palace… it looked very different to all that remains of it today, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Check out the video and photos below to see what Park Miniatur has to offer, and go visit!  But be quick as, unfortunately, the museum is set to close by the end of this month on 30/09/17!

Sto lat, Warszawa!

All photos ©Park Miniatur. Source: fb.me/parkminiatur

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