Warsaw’s Iconic Palace: A Re-Vision of Our Covers

The fog on the top

At the time of issue no.1’s publication (January 2, 2001), we wanted to feature the iconic Palace of Culture on the cover and had a bunch of options mocked-up. As we were preparing the guide before Christmas, we discovered that the city was planning to unveil a new clock on the tower at midnight on Dec 31/Jan 1 to welcome in the new year. We had to find, therefore, a photo that covered the part where the clock would be. Hence the foggy top of the tower.

From the first Warsaw In Your Pocket in January 2001 up to the 100th issue in August 2017, this hulking giant has featured on our covers a number of times. Sometimes tucked way back in the skyline of the Polish capital like a small but unyielding reminder of its communist past. Others, right in your face with the force of the petrous behemoth it is. At times carefully enveloped in an urban composition or unwillingly peeking out from behind a church, the Palace never looses its monolithic posture and historical poise.

Take your pic(k)

The amount of meanings and values it can be ascribed with, as well as the uses and references it is given are connected to Warsaw’s historical timeline and the plethora of individual or collective stories. An imposition, a symbolic oppressor, unwanted gift; a tower (reference, sentinel, milestone, landmark); a mock shrine, meeting grounds, architectural jewel, tourist attraction, intolerable heritage, object of art, instagrammable building, cultural venue or city icon. Take your pic(k).



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