Łódź In Your Pocket no.35


Welcome to the exciting world of Łódź (pr. Woodge) In Your Pocket. This central city is not the first place people choose to visit in Poland. In fact, most don’t know much about it. I’ve come to love Łódź over the years for all it has to offer, and as the new editor for Łódż IYP, I hope to share with you the best the city has to offer. Those who find themselves in the city are in for a treat as they reap the benefits of seeing a city on the rise. From culture and fashion, design and architecture, to technology and education – Łódź is on the cutting edge. One of the best ways to get a feel for what’s going on, apart from reading Łódź IYP, is to attend some of the many festivals taking place over the next few months. The explorers Festival, for eager travellers like you, is on in November, there is the Łódź Design Festival, AnimArt: International Art of Animation festival, and for lovers of music production and performance, Soundedit Festival takes place in October. These are the top choices, but there is plenty going on in Łódź. Check out our What’s On section for full details of cultural events and festivals. Let us know what you think about Łódż, its events, or anything of interest you think we should know about, by contacting us on our FB page or just send us a good old-fashioned email: editor_ poland@inyourpocket.com.

Main Feature: EC1 Łódź – City within the City

Łódź is a city of culture, filled with old and new buildings giving a polite nod to its industrial past while looking proudly to the future. There’s a lot to see, and more to this city than just perusing Manufaktura or trekking the length of Piotrkowska street. We at Łódź IYP aim to show you as much of the city as possible, and one of the latest exciting gems is located not far from the main street: EC1 Łódź – a new hub mixing culture and discovery…


New reviews in this issue

Bean & Buddies 

Created by four friends with a passion for good quality coffee who felt their neighbourhood lacked a good cafe, so they opened their own! Here you’ll find a fine selection of coffee from carefully selected Arabica beans from Brazil, Burundi and India as well as Brazilian Robusta.


Agrafka sums up pretty well what the city has to offer – post-industrialism, food and culture! Depending on what time you visit, great dishes are on offer, from breakfast classics, to pastas, pizzas, burgers and more, all at reasonable prices in the centre of the city.

ATO Ramen Noodle Shop 

Right at the entrance to OFF Piotrkowska, run by the same people who gave you Ato Sushi. Walk right up to the open windows and try not to stare at people’s food as they slurp down noodles. Tip: don’t underestimate the size of the bowls.


Traditional tastes of Syria can be found as you walk through the gate at Piotrkowska 67. Any reservations you have will be put aside when you receive your food; on offer are classic starters like hummus and baba ghanoush, soups, and mains like meat dishes prepared over a coal grill, which adds to the flavour.

Stacja Street Food

A polite homage to street food. The truck contains beer taps, which helps matters! A unique new place in Łódź that puts to bed any disagreements between meat eating and vegan friends on where to eat. The menu is full of treats from across the world with a veg base, which can then have a choice of meats added, so no skimping back on quality.

Whiskey in the Jar @Manufaktura1471791072_cervezacoctail

Here you’ll find a host of cocktails with funky names, usually containing good ole Bourbon, and served in even funkier jars (what else?!). The food is what we’re here for, with burgers and steaks drawing us in. The burgers range from classic, Teriyaki, to Veggie. The steaks though, with such great names like ‘Viking’, ‘King’ and ‘Mr. T – T-Bone’ are a delight.


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