Warsaw In Your Pocket no.101


Welcome to Warsaw and the 101st edition of Warsaw In Your Pocket! Autumn is in the air and the streets are covered in leaves, squirrels are frantically preparing for winter and the streets are bustling with student chatter as the academic year gets under way. The weather is still warm enough to enjoy Warsaw’s many glorious parks, gardens and river walks. If the weather does get cold and/or damp, it’s the perfect excuse to explore the city’s ever expanding list of world class museums. Check out our sightseeing section to read about what’s worth exploring for whatever weather may come your way. Warsaw’s cultural calendar is packed with upcoming events, concerts, plays and festivals, so make sure to check out What’s On for all the whos, whats & wheres. November also brings with it more than a couple of National Holidays as well. If you happen to be here on November 1st and 2nd make sure to visit a cemetery, seriously. To find out why read about All Saints’ Day. As always, let us know how you get on in Warsaw on our FB page and Instagram by using the hashtag #Warsaw101, or if you prefer, just use good old fashioned email.

Main Feature: All Saints’ Day

October is great in Warsaw, but November too is unique as the nights get longer and winter creeps in. It’s this month that Poland reflects upon its past, its deceased loved ones, on All Saints’ Day. Discover how truly atmospheric and touching this national holiday really is.

New online reviews

ETNO Cafe 

The owners insist they know all their growers personally – quite a thing when you consider they import beans to be roasted in Wrocław, all the way from Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Brazil, El Salvador and Papua New Guinea. Pop by for a sit-in coffee, take one on the go, or peruse some of the bags of coffee, and accessories, they sell on site.

How You Doin’? 

If you and your friends were, or still are, obsessed with the US sitcom Friends, or you consider yourself to be a bit of a Chandler Bing or a Joey Tribbiani, but you can’t quite budget a trip to New Yoik right now to take in that cult sitcom feel…instead, go to the corner of one of the most communist looking parts of Warsaw, Constitution Square (Plac Konstytucji) for that little piece of Friends, in How You Doin’?

Rico’s Concept 

Rico’s Concept is situated in a stunning former bath house from the early 20th century. Indeed, when you are seated, there very well may be a functioning pool next to you! The interior is enough to steal your attention throughout your visit, but try and focus on the food, if you can. The owners insist on pointing out the chefs are from China with years of experience, and it shows.

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