Łódź In Your Pocket no.36

Welcome to the exciting world of Łódź (pr. Woodge) In Your Pocket. This central city is not the first place people choose to visit in Poland. In fact, most don’t know much about it. Those who find themselves in the city are in for a treat as they reap the benefits of seeing a city on the rise, yet still not fully on the travellers’radar. From culture and fashion, design and architecture, to technology and education – Łódź is on the cutting edge. While Winter in Łódź can be both brutal and beautiful, it is the perfect time of year to explore the city on foot (such as our updated Jewish Łódź Walking Tour on page 6), or check out the city’s many indoor attractions, gastronomical offerings and social scene, all found in the pages of this guide. One of the best ways to get a feel for what’s going on, apart from reading Łódź IYP, is to attend some of the many exhibitions taking place over the next few months. We recommend the Leonardo Da Vinci: Energy of the Mind exhibition at EC1 (the building itself is worth seeing!), but there is always plenty going on in Łódź. Check out our What’s On section (page 14) for full details of all cultural events. Let us know what you think about Łódż, its events, or anything of interest you think we should know about, by contacting us on our FB page or just send us a good old-fashioned email: editor_ poland@inyourpocket.com.

Cover story


Isn’t this stunning?! You need to go see for yourself. This is Róża’s Passage (p.65) found at the beginning of Piotrkowska Street – a great example of how urban art can transform an otherwise dull courtyard into something glorious. Photo: Urząd Miasta Łódź.

New reviews. Restaurants & cafes.

  • Surindustrialle

    A steampunk style cafe and art gallery. Great for gawking. Read more ▶︎

  • Wall Street BBQ

    Burgers & steaks plus drinks & cocktails. Beware the charging yellow bull. Read more ▶︎

  • Piwnica Łódzka

    A basement restaurant offering regional dishes. Careful with the spiral stairs. Read more ▶︎
  • Cafe Bar Poczekalnia

    An artsy “waiting room” offering wines, craft beers and board games galore. Read more ▶︎

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