Wrocław In Your Pocket no.41

Winter is descending upon the city, and here we are putting together walking tours… Yeah, trudging around in sub-zero weather with sleet in your eyes isn’t pleasant, but think of it this way: we streamlined the sightseeing for you so you can make a dash around the most important old town sights before ducking into a candlelit cafe for some hot beer or mulled wine. The tour starts on p. 6 and we have a handy map for you as well.

Once the drinks are consumed and you can feel blood moving in your extremities again, we encourage you to take a tram out to Centennial Hall (p.68) where you can take part in that quintessential winter pastime that is ice skating at the Pergola ice rink (p.76) while gazing at Wrocław’s only UNESCO-listed site (we hope no alcohol- related injuries occur).

For something more indoorsy, there’s always museum hopping, with our top picks being the fantastic Depot History Centre (p.60) and Hydropolis (p.62), a museum dedicated exclusively to water, while a packed calendar of events (p.18) means we expect to feel fully cultured by springtime. Thanks for joining us, and we hope you enjoy your time in Wrocław!


Cover story.

Kraków-based photographer Patryk Michalski (patrykmichalski.pl) is the man responsible for this winttry shot of the back of the Saint John the Baptist Cathedral on Ostrów Tumski.To find out more about this beautiful building turn to p. 67.

New reviews. Restaurants, cafes and 3 PL design fashion shops.


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