An Eye for the Life in Kraków

There are two main elements in this series of photos by Paweł Świąder: both of them fluid and rigid, in motion and immobile. Both of them blending in a single shot, an instant. LIGHT in its most basic duality, its presence and absence and everything in between: a beam of light, an obfuscated sun, reflections, contrasts, shadows, glares, darkness, silhouettes, brightness, and all the shades of grey. PEOPLE, at the same time present and absent, captured in a moment, but unaware of being seized. Their walks and postures, their actions and movements suspended in the black and white of a photograph. There is, however, a third element which lights up in the backdrop. The setting and witness of it all, the urban canvas of these scenes. It is Kraków where Paweł rolls out looking for the light and observing life. Then he waits and catches an instant, shedding light on the day-to-day life of people.

Photos: Paweł Świąder
Instagram: @rolout87

Text: Juan M Sarabia

I try to capture unique and interesting moments. For some of the photos here I had an idea. I have found a place, composed my image and I was waiting for people to fill that frame. The majority of them, however are just a quick reaction to something I noticed was happening. I had to quickly figure out the correct exposure and frame my shot.
—Paweł Świąder



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