Light up the shipyard – Vote for your favourite crane illumination

You have until tomorrow (Thursday 19th) at 21:00 to cast your vote to choose the best design for illuminating one of the shipyard’s cranes.

Five projects from a submission of 24 have been selected by a commission consisting of Fundacja Gdańsk, the city of Gdansk, the Gdansk Tourist Organization, the Gdansk Roads and Greenery Department, the Gdansk City Council, the Gdansk Shipyard and (but not In Your Pocket unfortunately).

The public vote will contribute 20% of the total score with the rest coming from the jury. The winner will be announced in mid-May and the project will be realized later in the year with the winning designer receiving a prize of 5,000zl. It’s expected that the cost of bringing the project to life will be around 120,000zl.

Take a look at images of the designs in the photo below then head over to where you can cast your vote.

Project No. 1.

LED lighting will be placed around the frame of the crane to define the construction and will operate in three ways. The default setting will see lights flashing in sync to the sounds of shipyard work being played through speakers while there will also be lighting which will make it look like welders are working on the crane and another setting that will bathe the crane in red and white.

Designers: Piotr Tomaszkiewicz, Anna Czarzasta.

Photo: Łukasz Unterschuetz/


Project No. 2.

As well as outlining the frame of the crane the lighting here will display the hugely significant ‘21 x TAK’ slogan. The slogan pays tribute to the success of the Solidarity movement’s fight to get the communist government to deliver on 21 demands in this very shipyard in August 1980 and was the message the successful representatives communicated to the thousands of Poles waiting outside the yards.

Designer: Katarzyna Najmajer.

Photo: Łukasz Unterschuetz/


Project No. 3.

This design focuses on the steel welding process as a key element of the work carried out in the shipyard and is intended to emphasise the industrial character of the site. Light flares will be used to represent the welding taking place which will create irregular shapes set against the backdrop of shipyard sound effects.

Designer: Michał Batorski.

Photo: Łukasz Unterschuetz/


Project No. 4.

This design will turn the crane into a huge light under which people can stand and bathe in its rays. The ‘lampshade’will be over 3 metres in height and diameter but don’t worry – it will be secured with metal wires to stop it flying around in high winds.

Designers: Kaja Pobereżny, Michał Podgórczyk and Grzegorz Skowroński, Skylark Lighting

Photo: Łukasz Unterschuetz/


Project No. 5.

This design wants to inspire people to reflect on the identity, history and development of the Young City (Młode Miasto), an old district on which the shipyards sit and the name behind the ongoing attempts to renew the area in a post-industrial age. The designer wants the crane to be the heart at the centre of that development. The crane will be lit with spotlights which will focus light on the crane and away from surrounding buildings.

Designer: Marta Waczyńska.

Photo: Łukasz Unterschuetz/

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