Wrocław In Your Pocket no.42

Oh hey there, summer. In this issue we’re taking a look at all that summertime Wrocław has to offer, including islands (p.6), swimming spots (p.82), beach bars (p.48), and river cruises (p.80); to give you more sunny weather stroll options, we’ve also finally mustered up the courage to mention WuWA (p.67), a modernist housing estate which falls firmly into the ‘special interest’ tourist attraction category. Though not for everyone, the number of visitors wandering around snapping pictures reassured us that there are indeed architecture nerds out there who would benefit from this information.

In other news, our 42nd issue appears to be heavy on cafes, with a record number of newcomers, including even the fantastically odd Parrot Cafe (p.25). Our other recommendations for a rainy afternoon include learning about Wrocław’s recent history at the Depot History Centre (p.67), seeing a film at the city’s favourite independent cinema, New Horizons (Nowe Horyzonty, p.81), and taking advantage of the many cultural events organised during this time of year (p.18) – and definitely don’t miss the Night of Museums (p.19) if you find yourself here on May 19th.

Welcome, and happy exploring!

Cover story


Seeing double: the Church of the Holy Cross in Ostrów Tumski (p.70) reflects in the Oder River on a sunny day, while a fragment of Sand Island just barely sneaks into the shot. To read more about Wrocław’s islands, turn to p.6.

New reviews. Restaurants, cafes galore and more.

  • Kofeina by Incognito

    A cafe and breakfast spot right on Plac Solny with a beautiful, airy exposed-brick interior. Read more ▶

  • Kot Cafe

    A smallish cat cafe with three resident felines and basic Ikea furniture. Read more ▶

  • Nanan

    WARNING: Painfully pink. The sweet treats like meringues, macarons, eclairs, and various other creations are too good to miss. Read more ▶

  • Parrot Coffee

    Cat cafes are passé. This small but hip place revolves around its two permanent residents, a blue-and-yellow macaw named Pablo and a parakeet named Jon. Read more ▶

  • Hard Rock Cafe

    HRC doesn’t really need explaining. This legendary rock ‘n’ roll chain is opening its fourth restaurant in Poland. Read more ▶

  • Dim Sum Garden

    Splendid dumplings in addition to laksa (hard to find in Poland!), Peking duck, mango curry, General Tso’s chicken, XO beef, matcha lattes, and cocktails. Read more ▶

  • 1450 Smokehouse & Cocktail

    Grilled trout, ribeye and T-bone steak, pork ribs, and more BBQ goodness in a smart interior just steps away from the main square. Read more ▶

  • Bez Lukru

    The focus here is on sugarless, gluten-free vegan sweets and plant milk coffee, and for this purpose it might be good. Read more ▶

  • Cocktail Bar by Incognito

    A speakeasy hidden away in the red brick cellar of a cafe on Plac Solny; find it and you’ll be rewarded with cold brew cocktails, ‘molecular’ concoctions, single malt whisky, and other high-brow drinks. Read more ▶

  • Beach Bars

    Swimming in the Oder is unfortunately forbidden, but that hasn’t stopped numerous ‘beaches’ from cropping up along its banks. And if you have a beach, you might as well have a bar, right? Read more ▶

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