Kraków In Your Pocket no.112

112 is as random a number as any you’ll find. It isn’t nice and round, divisible by 5, or a numeral you would associate with any sort of milestone. No one celebrates a 112th anniversary, no one blows out 112 candles on a birthday cake, hell most businesses and organisations don’t live that long, let alone people. And yet here we are, quietly publishing the 112th edition of Kraków In Your Pocket just as humbly and routinely as we did the very first edition 19 years ago, the 50th edition 10 years ago, the 75th edition 5 years ago, or the 100th edition two summers ago. It’s a small wonder that we’ve been at this for so long without missing a single issue, or charging a single złoty to our readers. Meanwhile we’ve witnessed the explosion of the internet, the advent of the smartphone (check out our app) and the proliferation of social media (follow us on FB and Instagram), all the while evolving with the times to deliver great content to our readers across whichever platform they prefer. And yet, here you are with a book in your hands…our 112th such tome.

A lot of work goes into an In Your Pocket print guide, from the research team which calls every venue to verify the opening hours and other description details, to the editor who stays up late updating the page references throughout the texts before the file goes to print. The result is the most meticulously up-to-date, informative and keenly observed guide to Kraków you’ll find from any publisher, in any language. We believe we’re that good, but if being taken for granted is the truest measure of success, then shit, ain’t nobody better than us. Nobody. If you appreciate what we do, support us by spreading the word, but first and foremost use this guide to go have an excellent time in Kraków.

Cover story


A view you wouldn’t typically have without a pair of binoculars (or ‘opera glasses’ for that matter), this issue’s cover features the lovely ladies that adorn the top of Kraków’s Słowacki Theatre (p.72).


7 Essential Eating Experiences

Beat the Heat

New reviews

  • Mazaya Falafel

    This is the real deal: delicious falafel, hummus in which you can actually taste tahini, baba ghanoush, pomegranate sauce, pickled veggies and more. Read more ▶


  • Sette

    Authentic Neapolitan-style pizza from their gleaming gold pizza oven, plus a few homemade pastas and Italian desserts. Read more ▶

  • Pod Złotem Karpiem

    A folksy-Polish eatery specialising in a local variety of the humble freshwater fish. Wander through the rather haggard passage connecting the Rynek and ul. Stolarska to find this restaurant on a simple open-air terrace (covered in winter). Read more ▶

  • TAJ

    Satay, spring rolls, tom yum, papaya salad, different coloured curries, Thai basil chicken, pad thai, stir-fried tofu with cashews, mango with sticky rice and other Thai favourites. For vegetarian and omnivore. Read more ▶

  • Mojito Caffè

    A marriage of coffee culture with craft cocktails with a perfect location for absorbing the atmosphere of Kazimierz day or night. Read more ▶

  • Podgórze Museum

    A chronologically account of the history and legends of the fascinating Podgórze district, from the time of Krakus Mound, through its time as an independent city in Austrian Galicia, its integration into greater Kraków, the tragedy of WWII, and on up to the present day. Read more ▶




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