A Traditional Polish Culinary Show in Kraków

by Damian Pancerz
Marketing & PR Manager @Jordan Group

Join a culinary show and tasting to feel the atmosphere of traditional Kraków. Make Polish dumplings during a workshop, and taste a traditional Polish menu for lunch.

Thanks to pierogi (dumplings), an essential dish in Poland, traditional Polish cuisine is known internationally. Tourists visiting Kraków, who are looking for places to try Polish gastronomy, usually prefer regional, traditional recipes than those subjected to modern, often fashionable culinary experimentation.

Our cuisine is based on substantial dishes, many of which are soups (sour soup, broths, borscht), but also pork, poultry and flour-based food such as noodles and dumplings.

You can find a lot of places in Kraków offering Polish food. Some of them of better quality than others and paying more attention to traditional recipes. One of the most interesting options in the city centre is Bistro Beta, the in-house restaurant of the Hotel Legend (12 Gertrudy st). Apart from their standard European menu, you can find an elaborated offer of exclusively typical Polish dishes.

The WOWKrakow! Tasting Culinary Show is a local experience specially prepared by Bistro Beta offering six traditional Polish and Cracovian dishes:

  • pretzel with lard and pickled cucumbers (obwarzanek ze smalcem i ogórkiem małosolnym)
  • sour soup (żurek)
  • dumplings filled with potato and cottage cheese (pierogi ruskie)
  • dumplings filled with meat (pierogi z mięsem)
  • sauerkraut and meat stew (bigos)
  • seasonal dessert

You will watch a film explaining Polish customs and gastronomy and also listen to regional music.

To complement the experience you will participate in a cooking workshop, where you will prepare your own pierogi ruskie. Special working stations will be set with descriptions, instructions and ready-made ingredients (dough and stuffing). Once you finish preparing one pierogi, the waiting staff will take it for boiling and then serve it.

The decoration of the place, full of Cracovian motives, will also set the mood and play an important role in the overall experience. Once the food is served you will notice how generous the portions are, so make sure you come with enough space to eat a plentiful meal.

The menu is prepared by chef, Krzysztof Urbańczyk.
You can visit Bistro Beta from Monday to Friday, from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Tickets available at www.wowkrakow.pl or directly in the restaurant.

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