Kraków In Your Pocket no.113

Ah, late summer – this is the time when we slow down, unwind and soak up all those warm rays before the cold creeps in again. As we prepare our August/September issue, our summertime recommendations still stand – there’s nothing better on a scorching hot day than cooling off in one of Kraków’s swimming spots, such as the strikingly turquoise waters of former limestone quarry Zakrzówek (see our ‘Beat the Heat’ section on p.126) or chilling in a beer garden (p.117) with a cold pint in your hand. Alternatively, rent a kayak (p.124) and paddle along the lushly green banks of the Wisła River, or let the technological wonder that is the engine do the hard work for you by opting for a river cruise (p.124). Tis also the time for day trips, and we have three ideas for you in this issue: the medieval salt mines of Wieliczka (p.72), the former Auschwitz concentration camp (not very cheerful, this one, but essential – p.76) and Małopolska’s second city, Tarnów (p.79). For more suggestions, such as Ojców National Park (limestone!), the Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec (bike trip!) and a standard European sprinkling of castles, check out our website. Relax, enjoy and shoot any and all comments to Happy exploring!

Cover story

Pre-summer storm lighting lends itself to some pretty dramatic shots, like this snap of the Wawel Castle. To read more about this majestic landmark, ip to p.38.

Feature: Kraków with the kids

Kids. They get tired, they get bored, cranky, whiny, naggy, damn-near-impossible to please or control. We know, and we love them anyway. Though we won’t argue that the main things Kraków has to offer the little ones are ice-cream and pigeon-chasing, here are some recommendations for what to do with the family anyway.

New reviews

  • Absurdalia Cafe

    Hidden away in a hipster nook of Podgórze, just by Bernatek Footbridge, it is perfect to retreat during a rainy afternoon with a slice of cake and some coffee, tea, hot chocolate or alc. Read more ▶

  • Krakoska – Cafe & Lunch

    Focuses mostly on breakfast and brunch, with the spotlight firmly on obwarzanek’s cousin, the bagel. Read more ▶

  • Precel Cafe

    Just off the Main Square. Sink into a comfy armchair and scroll through the news while enjoying sandwiches made out of obwarzanki (the Kraków version of the pretzel). Read more ▶

  • Bistro Baazar

    This bistro & bar à vin is currently the smartest locale on Plac Nowy. The focus is on the drink of the gods and everything that goes well with it. Read more ▶

  • Parampara Indian Cuisine & Culture

    Meaning ‘tradition’ in Hindi, Parampara sets out to combine ‘Polish hospitality with Indian cuisine’ in a somewhat different edition than much of their competition. Read more ▶

  • Pizzeria Fresco

    Indulge in pizza and focaccia topped with slightly unusual ingredients like onion chutney, goat cheese, chanterelle mushrooms, walnuts, artichokes, and more. Read more ▶

  • Ramen People

    Wander away from ul. Krupnicza to the lesser-frequented ul. Czysta, and you’ll find delicious, flavourful ramen with all the classics. Read more ▶

  • Folk

    Located in a charming cottage at the far end of the Błonia Meadow, in a leafy spot fittingly dubbed Cichy Kącik (Quiet Corner), Folk serves traditional Polish grub . Read more ▶

  • SmaQ Brasserie

    Q Hotel’s modern restaurant is a place to get acquainted with Polish staples like kotlet schabowy, sour rye soup with white sausage and multiple types of pierogi. Read more ▶

  • Nowy Kraftowy

    Hidden in a corner of Plac Nowy, this is the second pub by the owners of the hugely successful Weźże KraftaRead more ▶


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