Kraków: Capital of Gastronomic Culture 2019

Kraków? Really? It’s true that in the larger scheme of culinary things, Poland isn’t the first country that comes to mind when talking about world-renowned gastronomy. If you ask anyone you might hear France, Italy, Portugal or even Mexico, which has its traditional food inscribed in the UNESCO’s List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Independently of any stereotypical ranking or popular opinion, Kraków has been the first recipient of the title of European Capital of Gastronomic Culture for 2019.

You have to remember, however, that Kraków is a very particular place in Poland, and even though it might be historically the most Polish of Polish cities, it is also an international hub fueled by tourism, a vibrant student life and a growing multinational corporate scene. It comes as no surprise then that in the last decade the increasing demand for better, more varied and original food has pushed the gastronomy industry to its limits. Not to mention how enthusiastically the street food wave and the craft beer revolution where received. Once dominated by Polish-Italian eateries, the culinary offer in today’s Kraków is a mosaic of styles and flavours that truly represents the hedonistic spirit of the city: that of young cosmopolitan, bon-vivant foodie.

So, in your opinion, what makes Krakow a ‘City of Gastronomy’?

According to our Kraków In Your Pocket editor, there are four main factors.

  1. A Renaissance of the city’s restaurant industry, encompassing not only cuisine but also interior design and service.
  2. A rediscovering and re-imagining of local cuisine where the folky, cottage-kitchen that characterises Polish food is allowing room for creative, international and elegant renditions.
  3. An abundance of farmers’ markets and culinary events such as food truck and craft beer festivals and restaurant weeks.
  4. The perfect combination of food, hospitality and atmosphere that only a city like Kraków can offer.

It’s not hard to find good restaurants in Krakow, but to truly treat yourself to a culinary experience you need a local recommendation. So let In Your Pocket point you in the right direction to where to eat in Krakow. Here are our recommendations offering everything from sandwiches to fine cuts, to hummus and Polish contemporary.

12 restaurants in Kraków that you should know of

1. Boccanera

The top of Kraków’s hierarchy of Italian restaurants. Read more ➔

2. India Masala

Colourful interior infused with the scent of cardamom from the kitchen and sweet tobacco from the exotic hookah bar in the basementRead more ➔

3. Ed Red

An upscale ‘beef-stro’ (our turn-of-phrase, thanks) specialises in locally-sourced seasoned meat. Amazing entrees and great wine. Located in the city centre. Read more ➔

4. Copernicus

Inside one of Kraków’s most exclusive hotels you’ll find one of its most exclusive restaurants. Read more ➔

5. Nota Resto

A top restaurant in Krakow hidden in the side streets of the Main Market Square. Great meat and fish dishes, as well as gluten-free options are part of their eclectic menu. Read more ➔

6. Tao Resto Club

One of Kraków’s best Asian enterprises now takes on Tytano remixing traditional Asian cuisine with contemporary urban trends. Read more ➔

7. Zenit

This is the place in Kazimierz for a morning cocktail. The regular menu shifts with the seasons and is no less amazing the prices are unfairly low considering the quality. Read more ➔

8. Manzana

At the moment this is perhaps the best Mexican slash Tex-Mex offer in town. Hidden inside a hidden parking lot in Podgórze. Sí Señor! Read more ➔

9. Szara

If you’re looking for a place to impress guests or treat yourself to a special ‘last night in town meal,’ this is a sure bet. Located in the Main Square. Read more ➔

10. Meat & Go

Simply the best meat sandwiches in Kraków. Located in Tytano. Read more ➔

11. Scandale Royal

A perfect place for breakfast, Scandale Royal successfully skirts the line between lounge, cafe and bistro. Read more ➔

12. Forum (breakfast & pizza)

One of the best breakfasts in town, start your day by relaxing near the river. Read more ➔

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