Kraków In Your Pocket no.114

As the last golden beams of summer burn off on the Wisła River, winding us in their crisp wisps of fog, we find our attention turning away from the hot-blooded diversions of the high season, and back towards…our stomachs. Over the last several issues we’ve been bolstering our coverage of Kraków’s culinary scene in a new section called Local Flavours (p.80), culminating in this issue’s article on the duly-earned attention the city’s gastronomy sector has garnered (p.6). In the past ten years we’ve watched Kraków go from a city with poor service and a paucity of vegetarian options to a bona fide world-class dining destination. In fact it was 10 years and 60 issues ago when yours truly, writing copy for his very first IYP guide, remarked that, “You put your life in your hands when eating ethnic food in Kraków” when describing a certain Mexican restaurant, and that “we’re still having trouble getting to sleep at night” after visiting a sushi bar. Things have changed dramatically between then and now, even if IYP’s editorial chair hasn’t. It’s our hope that just as the city’s culinary contributions have emphatically improved, you’ll find that so too has our humble guide. Having just put the finishing touches on the 60th issue of my ten-year tenure (the horror), I can confidently say that things around here have never been better. As ever, enjoy Kraków. 

Cover story

This issue’s cover (showing the approach down ul. Sienna to the market square) perfectly captures the warm autumnal glow of ‘Złota Jesień’ – the Polish equivalent of North America’s ‘Indian Summer.’ ©Jacek Dylag, Unsplash


Feature: Kraków: European Capital of Gastronomic Culture 2019





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