Lose Yourself to Dance in Warsaw

The act of contorting the body to the beat of a sound or melody is as old as human beings have been on the face of the earth. Dancing is innate to the human condition: as a method of expression and communication, a ritual/ceremony for social bonding or communion, a way of healing or simply a ludic activity. At every stage of our evolution as a species, its functions and purposes have also changed. As the homus urbanus pleasure-seeking creatures of today, we roam our habitat of cement jungles waiting for the right time to lose ourselves to dance. So, whether you’re a weekend warrior waiting to be unleashed into battle or a spiritual dancer awaiting liturgy, these are 11 dance clubs in Warsaw you need to know about.

1. The View

THE place to see and be seen in Warsaw. A-list DJs and all-night parties al fresco in the hyper-posh rooftop nightspot. Read more ➔

2. Room 13 Club & Lounge

Located in the heart of the legendary Mazowiecka street, it features two bars, a VIP room, a wide array of music and lots of high heels. Read more ➔

3. Teatro Cubano Warsaw

A Cuban lounge and club featuring regular international touring acts (many Caribbean!) as well as parties with DJ and mix of Latino and pop music. Read more ➔

4. Niebo

Inside the courtyard at Nowy Świat 21, “Heaven” is a restaurant by day and a pretty vibrant club on Friday & Saturday nights. Read more ➔

5. Fat Buddha

When the night kicks in, this place becomes quite the lounge to kick back and enjoy some cocktails. Things can become a bit lively! Read more ➔

6. Na Lato

After a meal, sit back at the bar on a Fri or Sat, letting the night set in until bam! The transformation from restaurant to dance floor passes by you in the blink of an eye! Read more ➔

7. Smolna

This sparse and bunkerlike club based on the Berlin underground techno model is situated in a grand old city centre townhouse, just seconds away from the landmark ‘palm tree’. Read more ➔

8. Klub SPATiF

A magical place between the 1950s-70s, this place has undergone a huge transformation. Today it is a bar, restaurant and cultural venue firmly suited to current day crowds while paying a nice nod to its importance in Warsaw folklore. Read more ➔ 

9. Ritual Cocktail Club

A stunningly sumptuous, dark and sultry venue with some of Warsaw’s master concoction mixers, club/dance nights and a healthy scoop of unthreatening live music. Read more ➔

10. Level 27

One of Poland’s top clubs, with DJs splurging out R&B and Hip Hop on Fridays, House music on Saturdays and regular theme parties. Read more ➔

11. Hulakula

Located in the Praga district this is a unique place that transitions from an entertainment venue for all the family during the day to a dance club at night. Read more ➔

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