Warsaw In Your Pocket no.107

Welcome to Warsaw In Your Pocket issue 107! Autumn is well an truly on the way, a great time to be in the city as the dry leaves rustle, squirrels rush to prepare for winter and the streets bustle with student chatter as the academic year gets under way.

It’s still warm enough to enjoy Warsaw’s parks and river walks, but if the weather does get cold or damp, it’s the perfect excuse to explore the city’s world-class museums – head straight to our sightseeing section on p.26 to see what’s worth exploring for whatever weather may come your way.

If you’re here on 01 & 02 November make sure to visit a cemetery – no, seriously (p.32). 11 November marks Polish Independence Day (p.8), and this year the country reaches the milestone of 100 years! The city that is vibrant, offering you sightseeing by the bucketload, fun-filled activities and serious history lessons, is also packed with events (check out our ‘Whats On’ section, p.20, for details).

As always, let us know how you got on in Warsaw on our FB page and/or show us what you’ve seen during your time in the city by using the hashtag #warsawinyourpocket through social media, or if you prefer, just use good old-fashioned email: poland@ inyourpocket.com.

Cover story

Peek-a-boo through an arrowslit on ‘Podwale’ (defensive walls) of Warsaw’s Old Town (p.34). In the distance, you can just make out the Warsaw Barbican gate, the link between the Old and the New Towns. Photo: gatsi, Adobe Stock.


Feature: 100 Years of Polish Independence

New reviews

New reviews

  • Free Walkative! Tours

    Some of the best-guided trips of Warsaw we’ve experienced, and yes, at no cost to you! READ MORE →

  • Polish Vodka Museum

    One of the beacons of the newly renovated Praga Koneser Centre in the Praga district and a celebration of the wonderful spirit! READ MORE →

  • Praga Koneser Center

    Located in what was once the legendary Koneser Vodka Factory, the complex now includes bars, museums, apartments, office and commercial spaces. READ MORE →

  • Jack´s Cinema Bar & Restaurant

    A mix of three things: a bar, restaurant and cinema with an American post-industrial feel offering steaks, burgers and chicken wings. READ MORE →

  • Lamby’s

    A quick-eat place across from Warsaw University library and its gardens introduces a Polish take on the French taco: the Polish Taco. READ MORE →

  • Klub SPATiF

    A legendary place in the Warsaw culture scene, it is now a bar, restaurant and cultural venue with a fair dose of Warsaw folklore. READ MORE →


A large adult entertainment venue. READ MORE →

  • XXONE Nightclub

    A centrally located adult venue READ MORE →

  • Aficionado Room – Cigar & Whisky Room

    A cigar & whisky lounge off the main ul. Marszałkowska, and in the heart of one of Warsaw’s points of call for great bars around Hoża, Wilcza and Krucza streets. READ MORE →

  • Victoria’s Secret

    Poland’s first flagship store in Arkadia Shopping Mall, with the full selection of clothing, including their lingerie, perfumes and accessories! READ MORE →


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