Poznań In Your Pocket no.51

Ah, winter, our old foe. As smog begins to blanket Polish cities and temperatures drop to unpleasant lows, our standard prescription for enjoying Poznań stays the same: lots of mulled wine, hot beer (p.66), and other warming drinks in cosy cafes (p.46), making the most of the city’s cultural events (p.14), which this time include the seasonally-appropriate Nostalgia Festival, two Christmas fairs (Plac Wolności  and the Old Town Square), and the International Ice Sculpture Festival, and maybe warming up with some skiing action at Lake Malta (p.40), followed by a dip in the Maltese Baths (sauna session, anyone?). In this issue, we’ve decided to also give you our recommendations for trying regional dishes (p.6), which range from scary (blood soup) to toothsome (sugary St. Martin’s croissants). Besides eating, which we think is a great year-round activity, we also propose indoor activities like museum hopping (check out the newly reopened Wielkopolska Uprising Museum, p.45, or learn about Poznań’s favourite pastry at the Croissant Museum, p.44), remembering what the colour green looks like at the Palm House (p.72), and checking out the city’s nightlife (p.64).

We hope you enjoy your time in Poznań! As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via e-mail (poland@inyourpocket.com) or on our FB page.

Cover Story

Dusk settles around Poznań’s most recognizable landmark, the Old Town Hall (p.23). Each day at noon, two mechanical billy goats emerge from a door above the town hall clock to the merriment of crowds below. Photo by Radosław Maciejewski.



Main Feature: Wielkopolska Specialties and Where to Find Them

Though much of their cuisine is shared with Poland as a whole, Poznań and the wider Wielkopolska do have some of the most distinctive regional dishes in the country. 

New Reviews: cafes, restaurants, bars & more.


Also found in Gdańsk and Lublin, mixes a vape shop with a cool cafe. Located inside the City Park complex. Read more ➔

Indian Steak

An upscale steak house serving a wide assortment of cuts including tournedo, T-bone, fiorentina, ribeye, top sirloin, and even the elusive 1.2kg tomahawk steak. Read more ➔

Kwiat Peonii

Asian fusion with a focus on Indian and Nepali dishes. Choose from an extensive menu of classics like fried rice, chicken and mutton biryani, Nepali chow mein, aloo gobhi, creamy dahl, mutter paneer, malai kofta, lamb vindaloo, and more.  Read more ➔

Charlie’s Restaurant 

Right in the Main Square, they offer ‘new Polish’ dishes with an international flair, including pan-fried salmon with black lentils, Jerusalem artichoke, and coconut sauce, wild sorrel soup with bacon and parmesan, and a twist on traditional Wielkopolska duck. Read more ➔


The most reliable spot to sample a wider array of regional eats, including czernina (duck blood soup), grey dumplings (made with shredded potatoes), ‘szagówki’ dumplings, and the namesake hyćka, an elderflower cordial (also served in lemonade form). Read more ➔


This Old Town establishment serves up #trendycocktails and #funkyshots to post on your @instagram account, #housebeats to tweet about, and #interiordecor touches straight from Pinterest. Read more ➔

Twelve Cocktails & Co.

Mouthwatering signature creations like Sky High (with gin, peach liquor, orange, rosehip, and butterfly pea tea) and Forget Me Not (vodka, blueberry liquor, cranberries, sparkling wine, and young barley). Read more ➔

Frey Wille

Fine jewellery and fashion accessories inspired by masters like Klimt and Mucha. Read more ➔



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