Łódź In Your Pocket no.39

Aloha and Happy 2019! Welcome to the exciting world of Łodź (pr. Woodge) In Your Pocket. This central city is not the first place people choose to visit in Poland. In fact, most don’t know much about it. But the word is out, Łódź is definitely worth visiting. Those who find themselves in the city are in for a treat as they reap the benefits of seeing a city on the rise, yet still not fully on the travellers’radar. From culture and fashion, design and architecture, to technology and education – Łodź is on the cutting edge. While Winter in Łodź can be both brutal and beautiful, it is the perfect time of year to explore the city on foot (industrial heritage on p.6 or general wanderings up and down the main street, pp.20-25), or check out the city’s many indoor attractions, gastronomical offerings and social scene, all found in this guide. One of the best ways to get a feel for what’s going on, apart from reading Łodź IYP, is to attend some of the many events and exhibitions taking place over the next few months. Check out our What’s On section (page 14) for full details of cultural events and festivals. As always, let us know how you got on in Łódź on our Facebook page and/or show us what you’ve seen during your time in the city by using the hashtag #Lodzinyourpocket on social media, or if you prefer, just use good old fashioned email: poland@inyourpocket.com.



Cover Story

There’s nothing quite like a fish eye effect to give a new perspective on something you may have walked past hundreds of times before. This view of the main entrance to Manufaktura (p.40) looks warped, but is still no less impressive than usual.
Photo by whitelook, AdobeStock

Main Feature: ‘The Promised Land’: Łódź’s Industrial Heritage

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