Wrocław In Your Pocket no.44

As we’re sending this guide off to the printing house, temperatures in Wrocław are just a smidgen above zero C and the precipitation du jour is freezing rain. The winter season is frustrating in a city like this, with winter cruises largely on hold, and the islands, parks, and river boulevards mostly empty as Wroclavians hole up in bars and cafes with steaming mugs of mulled wine. Even the yearly winter highlight, the Pergola Ice Rink near the Centennial Hall, won’t be opening this season – shame.

In defiance of the cold, damp, and dark, in this issue we decided to shine the spotlight on the District of Four Denominations (p.6), the hipster area nestled between the nucleus of the Old Town and the city moat, with a 9-stop walking tour. So bundle up, grab a hot coffee to go, and explore – with the knowledge that at the tour’s conclusion (or even midway through, why not) you can step into the warm embrace of the area’s many cozy cafes.

For more indoorsy activities, check out the city’s museums (p.48) and the packed calendar of cultural events (p.20), or head to our website, www.inyourpocket.com/wroclaw, to find even more content that we unable to fit in the print version of our guide. Happy exploring!

Cover Story

Built upon islands and waterways, the city of Wrocław boasts some 130 bridges, of which the 1910 Most Grunwaldzki is the biggest. Photo by Marcin Oscenda Fotografia, Landscape & urban photography Wrocław/ Poland.

Feature: District of Four Denominations

The area directly to the west of the ‘classic’ Old Town frequently slips under tourists’ radars, but that means missing out on one of the coolest corners of the city. Defined by houses of worship of four different faiths -Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Polish Orthodox, and Jewish – spread along a 400m crescent just inside the city moat, this unofficial district has more to offer than just spiritual gratification. Read more ➞

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