KRAKOW 101 – Welcome International Students!

The start of the academic semester is always an exciting time for Kraków (and Poland in general) as it sees young international students flocking into the city and getting themselves acquainted with their new home.

The Krakow In Your Pocket office has prepared a brief introductory reader to welcome and accompany you during the semester in this amazing town. We hope you’ll enjoy it.

Good morning freshmen, and welcome to Kraków 101An Introductory Reader to Poland’s ancient royal city. Your reader for the semester is the peerless Kraków In Your Pocket guidebook – the leading authority on what to see, do, eat and drink in Kraków for 20 years running.

The reader has been thoroughly updated, and includes all the latest research and insights into a range of fields of study, including: tourist relationslocal linguisticsnative artgastronomycoffee mechanicspigeon husbandryqueue warfarepopenomicsvodkenetics and more.

Those of you that do the assigned reading will find everything you need to know about Kraków, plus a lot of things Kraków doesn’t even know about itself. We expect you to dedicate yourself to the coursework and do ample field research in your own time. Now, if you’ll turn to the online version of the reader you’ll find a feature designed to quickly familiarise you with your new surroundings and the academic expectations of our institution. Here you will find the core curriculum, and here you’ll find a list of electives you can sign up for beyond the prerequisite classes. The more you get involved, of course, the more you’ll get out of your time in Kraków.

In addition to the primary text, we also offer our students several online resources, including our exhaustive database, and our online scholastic journal. We encourage you to take advantage of these, and also keep up with course announcements via our FB. By the way, do not forget to benefit from the collective experience of junior, senior students and alumni. They will surely be a reliable source of advice, counsel and interesting material to complement your coursework.

To all freshmen, upperclassmen and alumni alike, as you get to know Kraków better, connect with your fellow classmates, document your experiences and let us know what you find essentially Cracovian by using the hashtag #Krakow101. We’ll be collecting your entries for the yearbook at semester’s end, so do your homework, study hard and hope to see you all at commencement.

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