Kraków In Your Pocket no.116 ★ 20 years in Poland ★

Choose Your Own In Your Pocket Adventure

You’ve just arrived in your hotel room, where you notice a slim handsome book on the bedside table. “Kraków In Your Pocket,” you say curiously. “Honey, look at this – it’s a guidebook with information about everything to do and see while we’re here,” you remark excitedly as you flip through the pages, marvelling at the amount of work that must have gone into it. “Wow, this really has everything – walking tours [p.24], museums [p.58], traditional food [p.80]…Auschwitz [p.72], Tarnów [p.74] – didn’t your sister go there?”

“She loved it,” your partner replies, checking out the view before closing the curtains.
“There’s a whole walking tour just of this neighbourhood – Kazimierz [p.38]. I found us on the map!”

“Great! Should we look at it over dinner?” your partner asks, taking their shoes off, then lying down on the bed. “I’ll look up what people recommend nearby,” they say, phone in hand. “Did you get the wifi code?”

“No, genius, but I am presently holding a book full of recommendations,” you say. “Oh look, there’s even a Vegan section here [p.100] for people whose dietary restrictions,” you say mockingly with air quotes, “prevent them from fully immersing themselves in the local culture.”

“Hey, my babcia was Polish – that’s why we’re here, remember? If you want to eat kiełbasa for the next four days though, be my guest.”

“Ooh, kiełbasa…” Suddenly the thought has you feeling both hungry and randy.

If you decide to use the guidebook to find out where the best place in town to eat kiełbasa is, turn to p.77.

If you decide to mount your partner in the bed right now
…put the book down
(close this browser and close your laptop).

Cover Story

The iconic neo-Gothic St. Joseph’s Church on Rynek Podgórski, the official main market ‘square’ of the Free City of Podgórze, until the independent city was absorbed into Kraków in 1915. 

Main Feature: Winter in Kraków

10 suggestions for how to stay warm, have fun and make the most out of the city’s least appealing season. READ MORE ➞

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