Kraków In Your Pocket no.117 ★ 20 years in Poland ★

As the beloved Polish lyricist Marek Grechuta once so famously said, ‘Spring, ach – it’s you’ (Wiosna, ach – to ty), and we assume he had allergies or he wouldn’t have sneezed in the middle. Nevertheless, Poles have been repeating the phrase verbatim ever since, and now it’s our turn as Grechuta’s home city of Kraków has its spring buzz on in a big way, from the leggy sunbathers on the Wisła boulevards to the lusty pigeons in the bowers. With temperatures and hemlines on the rise, there’s no better time to be in Poland’s ancient capital, so put this printed resource to good use and go enjoy it.

There’s much to look forward to over the next two months, from Easter festivities (p.10) to the Film Music Festival(p.12), so check our Events section (p.12) to see what’s on while you’re in town. Never content without new content, this issue we’re debuting three new sections which will become fixtures in the guide going forward: Kids & Families (this issue’s feature, p.6), Activities & Experiences (p.70) and Polish Design (p.112). With this meticulously detailed guide, we continue to prove that you can get all the good advice and info you need while travelling, without constantly going online. And in this day and age that’s, achnothing to sneeze at. Na zdrowie!

Cover Story

For majestic views of morning sun on an unpeopled market square like the one gracing this issue’s cover, you have to wake up pretty early, but we’ve proven that staying up all night is just as effective. Follow us on Instagram @polandinyourpocket.

Main Feature: Kraków with the Kids

Most visitors fall in love with Kraków, but one complaint we’ve heard is that it isn’t the most family-friendly city. Pushing a pram down crowded sidewalks and cobbled streets is a drag, you can’t always expect your kids to care or keep quiet in churches, memorial sites and museums, and the city’s famous nightlife is basically off limits. There must be something else to do in this town, right?

Rest assured, there is. We’ve created this section to identify exactly those things, offer some friendly advice, and help the whole family have a great time together in Kraków.

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