Łódź In Your Pocket no.40

Welcome to the spring and early summer (and 40th!) edition of Łódź (phonetically pronounced ‘Woodge’) In Your Pocket. The streets are abuzz as the city reawakens after its brief winter slumber. It’s right about now when the city’s cultural calendar starts to kick into high gear and festivals of all shapes and sizes start popping up like daffodils. The warm weather gives you freedom to explore by foot or by bike, and what better to do than explore? We love being outdoors in Łódź (check out our feature on page 6), so we’ve decided to show you the best things to take full advantage of the sun’s rays! There are plenty of other things to do here, so also check out the city’s many indoor attractions, gastronomical offerings and social scene, all found in the pages of this guide. One of the best ways to get a feel for what’s going on, apart from reading Łódź IYP, is to attend some of the many exhibitions and festivals taking place over the next few months, such as the Fotefestival (p.12) in June. Check out our What’s On section (p.10) for full details of cultural events and festivals. Let us know what you think about Łódż, its events, or anything of interest you think we should know about, by contacting us via our Facebook page or just send us a good old-fashioned email: poland@inyourpocket.com.

Cover Story

Łódź’s main thoroughfare ul. Piotrkowska (pp.20-25) always looks impressive during the warmer months as the life and soul of the city spills outdoors. Sit back and watch as the world goes by, stroll or cycle up and down the street – you won’t be disappointed.

Photo by whitelook, AdobeStock

Main Feature: Outdoors in Łódź

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