Kraków In Your Pocket no.118 ★ 20 years in Poland

Twenty years ago, when the Y2K end times were still approaching and much of the Western world was ‘livin’ la vida loca,’ buying Furbies without abandon, fawning over Freddie Prinze Jr., and in a furor over Jar Jar Binks (well that hasn’t changed), a small, dedicated team in Kraków was quietly putting together the very first In Your Pocket guide on Polish soil.
Hitting the market in July 1999 – a time when Polish businesses did not have websites and the IYP office did not have internet, the files for the first issue of Krakow In Your Pocket were hand-delivered to the printing house on a stack of floppy discs. Over the last two decades the publishing industry has changed as rapidly and dramatically as the city we dutifully describe, but Kraków In Your Pocket has humbly persisted in upholding the legacy established by that first edition, publishing the most honest, up-to- date and informative guide to Kraków in any format, from any publisher, in any language.
Having now personally overseen more than half of Kraków IYP’s 118 editions, I’d like to thank the brave souls who built this business and all those who have contributed to it over the years. Thanks is also due to all those like yourself who have not only trusted us to deliver accurate, keenly observed content, but have also taken the time to read it. Cheers, and enjoy Kraków.

Cover Story

Performers parade around the market square, kicking off Kraków’s annual Street Theatre Festival. From July 4-7 the Old Town will be enlivened by colourful, humourous, mysterious and amazing acts; more info on p.08. Photo by Dominik Jagielski

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