Top 5 Beaches in Warsaw To Enjoy the Summer

Who needs the seaside when you have beaches on the Vistula river?! Don’t get us wrong, we love a good trip to the Baltic (Sopot & Gdynia) or the Mediterranean for that matter, but when you live in the hustle and bustle of a European capital like Warsaw, it’s nice to know where to spend some time during the hot summer days and unwind. So, whether you live in town or are visiting for a weekend, here are 5 beaches in Warsaw you should definitely know of.

1. Poniatówka Beach

? Most PoniatowskiegoPraga

Revived in 2010 this is a perfect place to relax on a sunbed, hammocks and start up a good ole BBQ in the designated areas. Read more ➞

2. Praga District (Rusałka) Beach

? ul. Wybrzeże Helskie,  Praga

Also known as the Zoo beach, it has a view of the Old Town directly across the Vistula river. Lots of activities in the fun bar/club/activity, La Playa. Read more ➞

3. Saska Kępa Beach

? ul. KrynicznaPraga

With football and volleyball courts, beach chairs and a bar, it has access to the Vistulan Tourist Ferry Service. Read more ➞

4. Żoliborz Beach

? ul. Wybrzeże Gdyńskie 2,  Żoliborz

Very near the Warsaw Citadel, it is towards the end of the Vistulan Boulevards. Children’s playground, barbecue area, deck chairs, wicker chairs & a canoe harbour. Read more ➞

5. Białołęka Beach

?Most Marii Skłodowskiej Curie, Białołęka

Easy to get there by bike. With a volleyball court, barbecue area, benches and some deck chairs. Located on the north-eastern district of Białołęka, district right next to the ‘northern bridge.’ Read more ➞

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