Gdańsk In Your Pocket no.58
Sopot & Gdynia

Welcome to In Your Pocket: Gdańsk, though I should be saying, quite simply, The Tri-city (p.26). Many people coming here don’t fully realise how much else is going on in the area and, in my opinion, we are all are incredibly lucky to have three well-established cities with thriving communities, restaurants, cafés, nightlife and cultural events in such a short distance from each other… and it’s all at your finger-tips!
Even more exciting is the fact that the summer months have set in and these aspects in each city are twice as amplified as they are during the other times of the year. For this reason, I would strongly recommend taking a look at the Events Guide (p.14) because now is when it’s all going on! The adventure is yours to choose… and you don’t always need WiFi to make it happen! For the first time, we’ve made a walking tour for each city that can be taken advantage of if you browse the other sections to see what’s nearby. And if you do get lost, don’t be afraid to ask a young Pole for directions. Most have learnt English and love to help! Lastly, I would like to thank Martin Kitson, founder of Poland In Your Pocket, and IYP’s primary editor in the Tri-city area for almost 20 years. He is a big reason why we’ve been able to continue to be in circulation for so long and the very foundation on which I was able to put together my first print guide to the Tri-city. Thank you, everyone!

Renewed & Improved

The latest revamped summer edition is already available! These are some of the changes and improvements we introduced:

✔︎ it’s slimmer (less pages)
✔︎ more maps
✔︎ more photos (much higher quality of photos as well)
✔︎ Sightseeing, Restaurants and Nightlife have been separated by city
✔︎ Walking tours of #Gdańsk Old Town, #Sopot, #Gdynia with special maps
✔︎ sections on Gdańsk #Wrzeszcz and Gdańsk #Oliwa with maps, and Food & Drink recommendations
✔︎ new section for Kids & Families
✔︎ new feature on Traditional Polish Dishes to try
✔︎ new feature on Local Alcohols and Local Beers

Cover story

Gdańsk’s importance as a port city lead to its starring role in the start of WWII (p.46). Today the city’s riverfront, lined with cafes and restaurants, is ideal for a stroll, and we’ve plotted the perfect route (p.32).
Photo by Sergii Figurnyi. AdobeStock.

Main Feature: Tri-city with the Kids

Photo Courtesy of Malbork Welcome Center

From medieval castles in Malbork to Galleons in Gdansk, to Adventure Parks, these are some of the top recommendations for the entire family in Tri-city.

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Located on Granary Island, the promising new culinary and tourist center of the Old Town, this is THE PLACE for Surf & Turf.

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2 new hotels on Granary Island

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