Katowice In Your Pocket no.37
★ 20 years in Poland ★

Ahh, sun, sun, sun, you’ve finally reached Katowice! Welcome to issue 37 of Katowice In Your Pocket! You’re here at a great time, now that the city’s vibrant culture scene is in full swing with festivals and events taking place regularly – read our feature on p.6 to learn more about Katowice’s music credentials, recognised, no less, by UNESCO – ooooh. Check out our ‘Events’ section on p.10 for full details on all the best picks of the Silesian cultural calendar! The buzz around town is both palpable and visible, with people jogging, skating, and cycling – we encourage you to try out the city bike scheme (p.42). In summer half the population disappears to the Valley of Three Ponds (p.33) – the city’s best kept secret for waterside relaxation, with bars, beaches, pedestrian and cycle paths and a public waterpark for the kids. Contrary to outside opinion, Katowice actually has a lot to offer, whether it’s fun outdoor activities, post-industrial tourism or some serious history lessons in the city’s museums. The city’s cafe culture, foodie scene and nightlife are all in full swing and steadily improving, so get out there and have some fun. As always, let us know how you got on in Katowice on our FB page and/or show us what you’ve seen during your time in the city by using the hashtag #Katowiceinyourpocket, or if you prefer, just use good old fashioned email: poland@inyourpocket.com.

Cover story

The summer feel good factor coupled with the music festival season being in full swing gives Silesia a real buzz. Here is ‘bubble town’ in the making during the Tauron New Music Festival.
? Damian Kramski


Main Feature: UNESCO City of Music

While much of Poland is still catching up to the fact that Katowice is
fast emerging as Poland’s preeminent music destination, locals and international music festival attendees have known it for years. In 2015, Katowice’s musical prowess and cultural status was certified by none other than UNESCO itself. Let’s take a look at this prestigious distinction by exploring Katowice’s multi-genre musical pedigree.

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