Wrocław In Your Pocket no.46
★ 20 years in Poland

Happy fall!

In this issue, we’re adding even more content to our alredy beefy guide, hoping to make life easier for families traveling with children (p.50), point those bored with the usual sightseeing to some more alternative activities & experiences (p.48) – like day trips to the mindblowing Project Riese (Nazi) Tunnels (p.49) and the holy Slavic mountain Ślęża (p.49) – and give everyone a list of essential Polish eats (p.54) to try at all those Polish restaurants (p.68).

In other news, there are exciting events coming this season, from the International Dwarf Festival (p.12) – celebrating Wrocław’s numerous small inhabitants (p.41) – to music festivals devoted to video game soundtracks (p.14), industrial music (p.15), and jazz (p.15), and finally to the Wrocław Christmas Market (p.16), which seems to get more outlandish each year. To see what else is on during your visit, check out our events section starting on p.12.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail at poland@inyourpocket.com or via our FB page. Enjoy Wrocław!

Cover Story

This issue’s autumnal cover photo portrays the ivy-covered facade of Wrocław’s National Museum (p.43), a beautiful example of 19th-century Dutch neo-Renaissance architecture, seen from the opposite bank of the Oder River.

Look inside!

New Reviews

Wydział Kulinarny / Culinary Faculty

Located on University Square (Pl. Uniwersytecki), this Faculty is not so much about lectures as about sharing the magic of food. Read more ➞

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