Kraków In Your Pocket no.120
★ 20 years in Poland

Where does the time go? It’s only been two measly months, but we’re back with another fully updated print edition of the best goddamn guide to Kraków on the market, 20 years running. Inside this indispensable issue you’ll find a newly minted section on autumn day trips beyond Kraków ?(p.72), a seasonal feature on communing with the dead (p.13), and a list of dangerous drinks designed to take the chill out of your bones (p.112); in addition to numerous maps, district walking tours, restaurant recommendations and practical advice, of course. In fact, we’re confident that within these pages we’ve included everything you could possibly ever need or want to know when visiting Kraków…plus an additional 100 pages of extraneous info on top of that, because, well, we’re masochists.

Be that as it may, we’ve done all this explicitly to provide you, dear reader, with the unique opportunity that now presents itself. The opportunity to unplug, disconnect, decelerate and be present. The result of decades of engineering, our latest edition is not only glossy, compact and high speed (when thrown at pigeons), most importantly it works offline, so the only reason you should be taking out your phone is to snap selfies of all the sublime places it’s helping you discover. Or, better yet, just ask someone to take your photo for god sakes; they’ll do a better job, and they might even turn out to be a real person, in a real moment, in your real life that you wouldn’t have connected with otherwise. We’re proud to say we’ve been helping people connect with Kraków for over 20 years. So seize this guide and seize that moment. Turn off your cellular network, turn on to what’s around you, and travel with us.

On the cover

A unique perspective of the Wawel Cathedral in Kraków.

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Day trips beyond Kraków! Pages 72-79 Read in mobile ?
All Saints Day in Kraków. Page 13 Read in mobile ?

New Reviews

Fun Climb

Inside the Avatar fitness centre (Avatar Centrala Ruchu), this climbing centre for kids 5 and up takes the intimidation out of rock climbing and makes it a fun adventure for kids and adults. Read more ➞

GoJump Megapark

Located in the outskirts of Nowa Huta, visit this enormous modern trampoline park to bounce out that extra energy and stress. Read more ➞


Kraków’s base for trendy ‘Buddha Bowls’, ie. simple compositions of warm rice or kasza (groats), leafy greens, veggies and sauce. Breakfast bowls available until 12:00. Read more ➞


Bringing the cultural clout these delicious doughy rings possess in the US, back to Kraków, Bajglando offers coffee, bagels and wifi – the only three things a person needs in life. Read more ➞

Artisan Strudel

A small bakery/cafe with a passion for strudel – a traditional Galician delicacy of thin pastry with various fillings that had its heyday across the Hapsburg Empire (of which Kraków was a part of). Read more ➞

Pancake House

A small eatery offering an extensive range of sweet and savoury stuffed naleśniki (the local equivalent of French crepes) and fluffy American pancakes. Read more ➞

Mural Food Truck Square

Named for its location adjoining the Mehoffer Museum under the large mural by artist M-City titled simply ‘Mural no. 658‘. Read more ➞


Located on the ground floor of Kraków’s modern The Loft hotel, this savvy pizzeria strictly adheres to Italian tradition which secured it a nomination in the 2020 World Luxury Restaurant Awards. Read more ➞

Klub Piękny Pies

Everyone who knows Kraków knows ‘The Beautiful Dog,’ whether they lived here 15 years ago or just arrived. Read more ➞


Named after a tiny township in Sardinia, this large restaurant at the back-end of Błonia meadow offers authentic Italian food. Read more ➞

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