Warsaw In Your Pocket no.113
★ 20 years in Poland

Welcome to Warsaw In Your Pocket issue 113! Autumn is well and truly on the way, a great time to be in the city as the dry leaves rustle, squirrels rush to prepare for winter and the streets bustle with student chatter as the academic year gets under way. It’s still warm enough to enjoy Warsaw’s parks and river walks, which you can read more about in our ‘Autumn Vibes’ feature on p.12. If the weather does get cold or damp, it’s the perfect excuse to explore the city’s world class museums – head straight to our sightseeing section on p.30 to see what’s worth exploring for whatever weather may come your way. If you’re here on 01 & 02 November make sure to visit a cemetery – no, seriously, it’s a sigh to behold! 11 November marks Polish Independence Day, always packed with city wide celebratory events! The city that is vibrant, offering you sightseeing by the bucketload, fun-filled activities and serious history lessons, is also packed with events (check out our Events section, p.16, for details). As always, let us know how you got on in Warsaw on our FB page and/or show us what you’ve seen during your time in the city by using the hashtag #Warsawinyourpocket through social media, or if you prefer, just use good old fashioned email: poland@inyourpocket.com.

Cover story

Warsaw in Autumn is a truly won- derful experience, full of visual treats, and one of the best places to experience it is in Łazienki Park (p.40). Our cover shows the amphitheatre in the heart of the complex. Nice, huh?

Main feature: Autumn Vibes in Warsaw

Golden, crispy, atmospheric – words which adequately sum up autumn in Warsaw. It’s a great time to be in the city, with its many outdoor locations worthy of a photo op! For you, dear reader, it’s time to share our favourite things to do this time of year…

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New reviews

MK Bowling Entertainment Center

This is perfect if you had enough of sightseeing. Found inside Galeria Młociny in the northern district of Bielany, it’s easy to get to. Read more ➞

Brooklyn Restaurant & Bar

American staple dishes on two floors. go upstairs for wings and burgers and stay on the gorundfloor for a seasonal menu. Read more ➞

ZONI Restaurants

Part of the revitalisation of  Praga Koneser Center, the restaurant offers a seasonal and Polish dishes and finds itself as one of seven shortlisted restaurants for The World Interiors News Awards 2019. Worth checking out! Read more ➞

Aura Bar

A tiny and cozy little bar with found on the corner of an eye catching pre-war residential building with a Moroccan interior design. Read more ➞


A small but well stocked alcohol shop, just outside the Polish Vodka Museum in Praga Koneser Center.Read more ➞

Dom Mody KLIF

Not your regular shopping mall, but one focusing on designers and top-shelf brands. It also features a unique GLAM & FASHION STUDIO, where anyone can use the services of stylists and make-up artists. Read more ➞

VIP Detox

All the explanation you need about this service is in its name. Read more ➞

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