Katowice In Your Pocket no.38
★ 20 years in Poland ★

Welcome to issue 38 of Katowice In Your Pocket – your guide to the city and greater Silesia! You’re lucky to be in the city at a special time of year, which allows you to experience the highlights of late autumn and winter! You may be here for business, but that certainly doesn’t need to stop you from enjoying the city and surrounding area. It’s getting colder, but rather than hibernate, there’s plenty of things to do here in winter, find out more in our feature on p.8. If it does get a bit too cold for comfort, or heaven forbid the white stuff descends well before it’s welcome, there is a bounty of indoor activities (pp.44-47) and events to keep you entertained through the deepest darkest days. A visit to one of the region’s many museums is an absolute must and the first on your radar should be the Silesian Museum right in the heart of the cultural zone (p.32). If you play your cards right you can visit the museum by day and catch a concert at the world-class NOSPR symphony hall next door (p.33). You can find a full list of upcoming things to do in Katowice and other great Silesian venues in our events section (p.12). And last but not least, we’d be remiss if we didn’t namedrop the reason for the season and most festive holiday of them all: Christmas. Katowice will be presenting the traditional Christmas Fair on the Market Square (Rynek, p.28) in December, so don’t miss it! Seasons Greetings from all of us here at IYP!

Cover story

Katowice from above looks amazing, especially with the skyline complemented by these murals found on the street art mecca ul. Mariacka Tylna (p.30).

Photo: Przemysław Borsuk
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Main Feature: Winter in Silesia ❆☃️

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Summer is over, the stunning atmosphere of the golden Polish autumn is gradually coming to an end, and you may well be thinking to yourself, what on earth will winter bring to Katowice? Is it even worth visiting during the coldest time of the year? First thing’s first, it’s no surprise that the colour palettes make a drastic change from the jovial summer greens, picturesque autumnal shades of golden brown to the rather bleak winter grey. It can seem tough to enjoy anything here amidst such a lifeless colour scheme. But don’t let the book cover sway your decision, there’s plenty to see and do in Katowice, and of course, the surrounding Silesian region, whether it’s in the good ole outdoors, or indoors if the wind chill painfully freezes your face!

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