Now I Know My ABCs: A Wallphabet in Warsaw

All photos ©Michał Dziurkowski

There’s no city without street art. A widely popular art form, city murals are the best example of the democratization of art. A mural makes passersby look up, gaze and think about something else even if it’s for a moment. At times they break the uniformity of a given urban space, making it more interesting and appealing. They turn routine into rhythm and the city into a gallery.


This new mural on ul. Madalińskiego 11 in Warsaw‘s Mokotów district, is a collective project focusing on lettering: the art and technique of forming and inscribing letters. Letters are the building blocks of language and their symbols the bridge between thought and utterance. They are all around us. They are us, our names and surnames, our songs, our primal screams (aaaaaa) and our sleep (zzzzzz). An art form in its own right, lettering allows delving the meta-levels of language and speech by giving letters shape and form and therefore ascribing emotions to them.

Led by Good Looking Studio, a collective of visual artists came together to spell out this mural. This is the result.

This project was important to us because it was with the passion for letters that the story of Good Looking Studio began. Without it we would’ve not got where we are today. So we decided that it is worth putting the effort in on behalf of the whole community of people gathered around and to share our passion with a wider audience. We are glad that our initiative was met with such a positive attitude by our guest artists and the local community.
Piotr Ruszkowski.
Mastermind behind the Wallphabet
and creative director at Good Looking Studio.


The Wallphabet

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