Poznań In Your Pocket no.54
★ 20 years in Poland ★

Poznań slows down in the winter. Yes, there’s still Lake Malta (p.44) with its ice-skating rink, mini ski slope, and year-round water park, but as temperatures dip, Poznaniaks increasingly hole up inside, warming themselves with mulled wine and mulled beer (p.72) or making their way through a backlog of cafes and restaurants that opened over the summer. This is the perfect time to get yourself thoroughly acquainted with the heavy regional cuisine (p.54), practice eating pączki (p.59) in preparation for Fat Thursday, and maybe even hop into a time machine in the form of a local milk bar, which we’ve written about extensively starting on p.6.

And then there are the festivities. `Tis the holiday season, so you better believe that a Christmas Fair is in the works – and, actually, Poznań does two. Spend your time bouncing between the Old Town Square Fair (p.12) and the larger Freedom Square Fair (p.11), which will even boast a Ferris wheel. But before that, Poznań will celebrate something more unusual: St. Martin’s Day (p.10), a holiday dedicated to the city’s favourite saint and an opportunity to eat an obscene number of St. Martin’s croissants (p.55).

Happy winter, and we hope you enjoy your stay in Poznań!

This issue’s snowy cover shot portrays none other than the Old Town Hall (p.27), with Neptune (p.28) looking out of his element in front. This is the type of weather we’re hoping for this winter, by the way.

Photo by Małgorzata Kolasa.

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Main Feature: Polish Milk Bars

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