Gdańsk In Your Pocket no.60
Sopot & Gdynia
★ 20 Years in Poland ★

I have a secret to share with you all – I really, really like European winters! Some people think I’m crazy, especially since I’m from Australia. The fact is I love cold weather and I discovered that fact when I started travelling the world by myself in my early 20s. It all started when I was looking for the cheapest available flights from my hometown in Sydney. Early December was my best option and my backpacker conscience wouldn’t let me go any higher. When I got to Europe, I discovered two things: The cold air was really soothing on my skin, in a way that I’d never felt before, not even in the Australian Ski Fields (yes, there are some places that get snow in Aus!) I’m also a chronic sweater but somehow, even under 3 layers of heavy clothing, I was as dry as a bone. The second thing I realised, after several conversations with other backpackers, was that this ‘off-season’ meant that prices were generally lower than in the summer. Overall, I could do more with less.

Monciak in Sopot

If you’re reading this now, there is a high chance you’re exactly like I was: You chose to travel here at this time of the year to avoid crowds, pay less and enjoy the epic Baltic weather. Who doesn’t enjoy all the markets and the lights? (p.10) Let me say now – you made the right choice! If you somehow ended up in Tri-city because the mid-year plans didn’t work out, once again – Congratulations!

Cover Story

Oliwa Park’s wonderful light show during winter (p.10). Believed to have originated in the 15th century, the grounds of these 11.3ha gardens are a popular recreation spot for locals and newly-weds looking for that timeless photograph. More on p.53. 

Photo by Patryk Kosmider

Some Features

The Story of Solidarity in Gdańsk


Gdansk Shipyards from the European Solidarity Center

New Reviews

AleBrowar (Gdańsk)

One of the best craft beer companies in Poland has finally opened in Gdansk. Also in Sopot & Gdynia. Read more ➞

ARCO by Paco Pérez (Gdańsk)

Mediterranean cuisine by the Baltic on top of the tallest building in northern PolandRead more ➞

Treinta y Tres (Gdańsk)

Focusing on Spanish cuisine, their menu features a large tapas section. A more casual option both in style and price than its counterpart, Arco. Read more ➞

Coffee Moose (Gdańsk)

A popular coffee chain in Russia now in Poland, they specialise on unconventional non-italian experimentation of coffee. Read more ➞

4 Piętro (Gdańsk)

Inside the Manhattan Shopping Centre in Wrzeszcz, apart from an international menu their big draw is the breakfast available daily from 9:00-14:00. Read more ➞

Rybakówka (Gdańsk)

The biggest range of seafood for the best price in Gdańsk. A must! Read more ➞

Restauracja Geneza (Gdańsk)

Located on Granary Island, this is a cozy and comfortable dining with a view of the Gdańsk Old Town waterfront and a big wine rack, stocked with Polish-focused produce. Read more ➞

Riverside by Pilsner (Gdańsk)

Located on Granary Island just across the Green Bridge this is an ideal spot to catch live music, take in the view of the Motława and indulge in Czech beer and street-food menu. 

Wyspa Północ (Gdańsk)

A smart looking establishment on the waterfront of Granary Island featuring a menu as fancy as the view and the decor. Read more ➞

Bergamo (Gdynia)

Oblong-shaped pizzas, Italian beer, excellent pasta, antipasti and, of course, an imported wine list including abundant amounts of Prosecco. Perhaps the best Italian restaurant in Gdynia. Read more ➞

Luis Mexicantina (Gdynia)

If you’re into the taco trend, rejoice. A Mexican food menu also featuring a variety of tequila and the largest range of Mezcals in the whole of Tri-city. Read more ➞

Przyjemność Pizza & Szprycer (Gdynia)

Pizza and cocktails. What else can you ask for? 20 zł lunch including a pizza and a starter (Mon to Fri 12:00-16:00). Burgers and pasta are also available. Read more ➞

Rockhouse (Gdynia)

Located in the very centre of Gdynia, it is the newest nightlife venue. AC/DC, Metallica, Led Zeppelin and Polish classics are all on the playlist plus live music nights! Also featuring a food menu including chilli con carne, toasted sandwiches, pickled herring and vegan Kulki (Fried Potato and Onion balls).

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