Nightlife of the Highest Order in Warsaw

Guest author:
Magdalena Stelmasiak
Level 27 Warsaw

Have you wondered what makes you go back to your favourite club weekend after weekend? What keeps you elbowed on a specific bar night after night ordering your drink of choice and enjoying the company of old and new friends? What makes you go out into town and head straight back to the same stool, lounge or table of last weekend? An essential element in the lifestyle of modern cities, nightlife has become much more than just an array of venues, music styles and drinks. Choosing your entertainment, leisure and social experiences is a statement of personality and a defining trait of individual identities. Businesses in the nightlife sector (at least the successful ones) are well aware of this. Their goal is for you to refer to them as “my local bar,” “our dancing den,” “our meeting spot.” So what is it that these venues (need to) do to achieve this? To make you come back again and call them your own. Let’s look at some factors.

Success is in the small things

While you’re working on your makeup and dressing up for a night out, clubs and bars are doing the same thing. Once you arrive at a party in a club, a concert in a venue or any kind of event in a bar, you might be unaware of all the preparations that took place beforehand. At the end of the day (or night), the purpose is to look as sharp as possible. From the assortment of drinks and the music playlist to the decoration and general atmosphere, every single detail had to be checked off the list. If you attend a huge and well-organised party, most likely it was the result of coordinated teamwork and many hours of planning and execution.

Always with a smile

You go to to a dance club to party, relax and have fun. As simple as that, right? You expect a fully gratifying experience, but what makes it so? The music, the decoration, the drinks? Well, you bet it’s all of the above, but ultimately is about people. You might enter the most spectacular of venues in the most unusual of places, with the latest trends in interior design, a menu out of this world and still not feel satisfied if the staff are not friendly, kind, helpful and service-oriented. The lack of a smile, a wearisome gesture, the wrong phrase at the wrong time or a lack of empathy might result in a disappointing experience.

Level 27

A qualified, well-trained and friendly staff is a must! Only experienced teams with a professional attitude result in the high-quality service that makes the party an unforgettable one. While giving advice on cocktails is important, being helpful when it is necessary, thinking out of the box to accommodate guests and a simple smile, might do the trick and mark the difference between a satisfied customer and a walk-out.

An honest relationship

In the age of the Internet, where access to information is immediate and nightlife offers abound in social media, it is important to create an honest online relationship with the customer base. The keyword is “community.” It has never been as easy as it is today to reach a wide online audience, but at the same time, it is so easy to lose it. After all, the community that you build and the values that you portray will be the foundation of a prosperous night club.

Level 27’s dancefloor

It’s all about location

In large metropolitan cities, the wide range of nightlife venues makes for a fierce competition. Clubs must be innovative and creative to provide unique experiences: hiring renowned DJs, music bands and creating an attractive programme of events is a must. Good music and drinks alone are not enough, these are left to the small neighbourhood bars.

New York’s skyline

In cities like New York, Dubai (Cavalli Club) and Ibiza (Ushuaïa Club) the location of a club is essential, with seaside and cityscape views becoming an instant success. For cities lacking a shoreline but with a glittering urban skyline, rooftop clubs have become the trend, with New York City leading the way upwards.

What about Poland?

The Polish capital has undergone enormous changes in the last decades. Warsaw has moved boldly forward – dynamic and developing it now hums with energy and optimism. Whether you are here to explore the cobbled streets of the Old Town, enjoy world-class dining, or lose yourself in some of Europe’s best bars and clubs, you’ll hardly be disappointed.

Warsaw’s skyline

Right in the heart of Warsaw, suspended on the 27th floor of the Atlas Tower, Level 27 is a unique rooftop club with a breathtaking panoramic view of the city and fantastic atmosphere. This is the only Polish club that has entered the very prestigous list of the World’s 100 Best Clubs by the International Nightlife Association.

Level 27’s rooftop

It has been a long path for Level 27 to position itself as one of the world’s best clubs. Whether you’re a local or an international guest, in a regular weekend party or a private corporate event, you can rest assured that attention to details, a friendly smile, a strong sense of community and a laid back atmosphere will always be part of the menu. Just wait for the spring and summer to come and it will be liftoff in Warsaw!

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