Explore, Eat, Drink, Repeat:
Plac Nowy in Kraków Kazimierz

This small square in Kazimierz, the old Jewish district, is synonymous with nightlife fun. It has a long history and only began assuming its shape until the early 19th century with its central landmark, the Okrąglak (rotunda). For generations Plac Nowy was referred to by locals as Plac Żydowski (Jewish Square); not only was it the primary marketplace of the Jewish quarter, but the rotunda served as a ritual slaughterhouse for poultry right up until Nazi occupation. If you’re visiting Kraków you should plan to spend some time in this area. Of course by day, to enjoy its cafe culture, markets and sightseeing, and most definitely by night to go deep into the unique atmosphere of its bars, wine bars, dive bars, restaurants & street food stalls. Here are a few places for you to explore, eat and enjoy a drink.

Plac Nowy in Kazimierz

EXPLORE: The Old Jewish District ➞

If Plac Nowy is the trendy and hip agora in Kazimierz, then ul. Szeroka (Broad Street) is its spiritual esplanade and the epicentre of Jewish heritage and tourism in Kraków. A couple of blocks from Plac Nowy, its main points of interest include the 15th-century Old Synagogue, the 16th-century Remuh Synagogue and Cemetery, the 17th-century Popper Synagogue, and a 16th-century Jewish bath (mikvah) located in the basement of the Klezmer Hois hotel and restaurant.

Just one block behind Plac Nowy you will find ul. Józefa. Full of small boutiques, adorned with street art and all the hipster panache you want, it is a unique street you should stroll down. You’ll find plenty of bars, cafes, designer shops and some picturesque corners.

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EAT: Polish Food at NAKRYTO ➞

A cosy family restaurant with a menu of traditional Polish food it is located off Plac Nowy on ul. Meiselsa 14. Perfect to unwind with a hearty meal after sightseeing.

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EAT: ZAPIEKANKA on Plac Nowy ➞

Essentially a baguette pizza, it emerged during the communist era as the ultimate Polish street food: cheap, fast, filling, and easy to make. Order one at any of the vendors of the Plac Nowy roundhouse. A must-eat!

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EAT: Dessert at Mleczarnia ➞

Just a few steps from Plac Nowy, also on ul. Meiselsa 20, this little cafe envelops the classic Kazimierz candlelight atmosphere with wooden furniture and old family picture of yore. Check out their beer garden just in front. Make sure to order the walnut cake (orzechowiec). It’s AMAZING!

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DRINK: Wine at Bistro Bazaar ➞

A French bistro with a long bar, perfect to enjoy an evening over a glass of wine. Corner of Plac Nowy and ul. Meiselsa.

DRINK: Beer at Nowy Kraftowy ➞

Polish craft beer and a lot of space to roam. Located on Plac Nowy 8, you’ll find in the nook of the only enclosed elbow of the square. Bar food available.

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