SPOT Nikiszowiec: A Person, A Place & A Plate

? SPOTlight: Magda Nowaczewska
? SPOT It! Nikiszowiec & Śląska Prohibicja
? Hit the SPOT with Traditional Silesian Food

If you’re in Katowice you can’t miss Nikiszowiec, a picturesque historical working-class district with an industrial heritage at heart. While you’re sightseeing, make sure to take a break at Śląska Prohibicja and enjoy traditional Polish food and particularly regional Silesian dishes. Katowice In Your Pocket was at the spot and had a chance to talk to head chef Magdalena Nowaczewska, who told us a bit about herself, Nikiszowiec and her experience leading the kitchen at Śląska Prohibicja. See the full interview.

? SPOTlight: Magda Nowaczewska

5 things we learned about Magda:

1. She didn’t have any culinary experience before winning MasterChef.
2. She holds a degree in biomedical engineering from AGH.
3. She believes the success of a restaurant is in the team as a whole.
4. She’s a glutton and has no particular favourite food.
5. She’s not afraid of and is used to hard physical work.

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? SPOT It! Nikiszowiec

This forgotten attempt at plebeian paradise is earmarked on Silesia’s ‘Industrial Monuments Route’ (available at all Silesian tourist information offices) and offers intrepid visitors a confounding, yet fascinating glimpse at a foregone age. While not long ago a walk around the neighbourhood may have been a dicey prospect, cafes and culture are now beginning to creep into this part of town and you’re no longer likely to be the only tourist prowling around. Perfect for a photo essay, charge up your camera battery and off you go.

How to get there ➞

Eat in Śląska Prohibicja

(Silesian Prohibition). With a modern take on 1920s decor, this is a spot with a whopping 700m2 of space across 5 rooms; not just for restaurant use, but also for events such as weddings, and even musical performances (which take place Fri/Sat evenings and Sun lunchtime). The food takes inspiration from international and regional cuisine and is delightfully prepared. A fantastic addition to this charming part of Katowice. More ➞

? Hit the SPOT with Traditional Silesian Food

Rolada Śląska

Silesian beef roulades. A rolled beef patty filled with onions, bacon and pickles. This surprisingly tasty dish with some kluski and red cabbage or fried sauerkraut on the side is as Silesian as it gets.

Rolada Śląska from Wiejska Chatka.

Krupnioki Śląskie

This sausage consists of pig’s blood, pork offal (85%) and buckwheat (15%). You may already know the national variety ‘kaszanka’, with both being almost identical, only differing by name. Krupnioki have been associated with Silesia since the 17th century as they provided miners with a quick, highly calorific source of food to give them enough energy to carry out their hard work. 

If you’re a fool for food and find yourself travelling in Silesia, we suggest trying as much local cuisine as possible. This is only an amuse-bouche. To help you out on your food travels, the Silesian Tourist Organisation has this very need in mind with their ‘Silesian Tastes’ culinary trail.
More traditional Silesian food and where to eat it in Katowice ➞

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