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Can you imagine arriving in a new city and receiving all the tourist info you could possibly need, for almost any interest, updated for the exact period of your visit, directly to your hand, in print, FOR FREE?!


In fact, the ‘nobodies’ at Poland In Your Pocket have been doing exactly that for over 20 years. From the researchers that contact hundreds of venues in our database every two months, to the editor who then updates which exhibits at Wawel Royal Castle will be closed for conservation on which days (p.30), which new nalewki bar is worth checking out (Niewódka, p.110), and which 20th century Polish artist has a fantastic new gallery open in Nowa Huta (Duda-Gracz, p.52); from the designer who painstakingly lays out every page of text and images, to the sales team who goes out into the community to mostly hear how nobody values print anymore, nobody reads guidebooks, and (almost) nobody is interested in collaborating on this project. It seems we’re all a bunch of nobodies in the end…

Except somebody is reading this. Somebody is using this guide and finding it useful. Somebody is discovering places they otherwise might not have, somebody is having a positive experience in this city as a result, and in doing so, somebody is giving the work we nobodies do some value.

Is that somebody you?

Go ahead, don’t be shy. Use this guide, enjoy your time in Kraków and prove that there’s merit in a small team of local Cracovians stubbornly offering a service that they think enriches their city. It’s okay. Nobody needs to know 😉

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Reflection of the St. Mary’s Basilica‘s towers on the Main Market Square.

Look Inside!

Day Trips: Ojców, Zakopane, Wadowice (Pope John Paul II‘s birthplace), Wieliczka, Auschwitz

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New Reviews

Jerzy Duda-Gracz Gallery

Adjacent to the Beksiński Gallery inside the Nowa Huta Cultural Centre, this 210-square-metre gallery exhibits almost 100 works by Jerzy Duda-Gracz (1941-2004) – one of Poland’s most important 20th-century painters and a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków. Read more ➞

Czartoryski Princes Museum

The Czartoryski Princes Museum finally reopened on December 20, 2019. The famous Czartoryski collection was acquired by the Kraków National Museum in 2017. Read more ➞

Bubble Toast

Trading on champagne and fizzy cocktails, it boasts an over-the-top interior that is an outrageous explosion of funky decor explicitly designed to look glam on your Instagram. Read more ➞


Sip it, don’t shoot it! A different drinking approach to vodka. Specialising in hand-crafted nalewki, this multi-pipe #vodkabar right on Plac Szczepański in the centre of #Krakow. offers five flavours: wiśnia (cherry), agrest (gooseberry), malina (raspberry), porzeczka (black current) and cytryna (lemon). Read more ➞


Just off of Plac Nowy, and perfectly placed for absorbing the atmosphere of bustling, bohemian Kazimierz, this cool tropical oasis offers a wide range of signature craft and classic cocktails. Formerly Mojito Caffè. Read more ➞

Gorzko Gorzko

Have you ever been to a Polish wedding party? Well, this is your chance to experience the atmosphere of a typical Polish wedding disco, complete with kitsch decor and the atrocious disco polo music and pop hits. Read more ➞

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