Warsaw In Your Pocket no.111 ★ 20 years in Poland

Welcome to the summer edition of Warsaw In Your Pocket! This is definitely our favourite time of year in the city, as its population takes full advantage of the good weather, and hanging around the many outdoor hot spots in and around the city, lounging around in the many bars, beaches and other riverfront hangouts along the river Wisła. Whether you choose to cycle, walk, lounge or simply sightsee, there’s plenty to do during the warmer months – read more about outdoor activities in Warsaw in our feature on p.8. There’s more to the city than summer loving, as the city’s cafe culture, foodie scene and nightlife is in full swing, all listed in these very pages. Of particular note is the return (for one last season in its old location) of the fantastic Night Market (p.82), where food and culture mix, along with a host of other outdoor seasonal places to enjoy (p.107)! The city that is vibrant in every sense of the word, offering you sightseeing in the bucketload, from fun-filled activities to some serious history lessons in the many museums, and the events calendar too is full to the brim (check out our ‘Events’ section, p.16). As always, let us know how you got on in Warsaw on our Facebook page and/or show us what you’ve seen during your time in the city by using the hashtag #Warsawinyourpocket on social media, or if you prefer, just use good old fashioned email: poland@inyourpocket.com.

Cover Story

What a view, huh? Taken right above Pole Mokotowskie (Mokotów Fields) in Warsaw’s southern part, with the built up city centre in the back-ground. This is one of many places locals chill out in during summer. Read our feature on p.12 to find out more about Warsaw’s top outdoor locations.

Photo: Adobe Stock.

Main Feature: Outdoors in Warsaw



New Reviews

Museum of Modern Art on the Vistula

A relatively new exhibition space right on the Vistula’s edge and an addition to the Museum of Modern Art (Muzeum Sztuki Nowoczesnej), it will house the majority of the museum’s exhibitions until the new headquarters is built. Read more ➞

NBP Money Centre

The HQ of the National Bank of Poland, it also houses one of the best museums in Warsaw. Seriously. And it’s completely FREE! Read more ➞

Tutti Colori

Pizza lovers, rejoice! Over 30 pizzas to choose, from rossa to bianca, but there are also other Italian favourites. All this accompanied with great wine, and even some beers. Read more ➞


A  lounge bar on ul. Mokotowska offering a wide selection of cocktails with a calendarr of live music and dancing events. Read more ➞

2 Wieże (2 Towers)

Perfect for adrenaline junkies, you’ll find all kinds of jumping at various height 8-30m. Read more ➞

Galeria Młociny

A new shopping mall found in the north-western district of Bielany. Read more ➞

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